Guy Candy: ‘Californication’s’ David Duchovny

Television favorite David Duchovny is back on Monday, starring in Showtime’s new series, “Californication,” and Guy Candy lovers can’t wait!

As frustrated writer Hank Moody, Duchovny’s latest character is miles away from Mulder, the paranormal obsessed, slightly stiff, investigator he played on the long running “X-Files” series. For starters, Hank has a heck of a lot of sex.

“Californication” isn’t just a T&A show though.

Moody’s impetus for shagging his way around LA? A broken heart — the mother of his child --Karen, played by gorgeous Natasha McElhone, has left him for another man.

“It was a character I thought would be challenging to play because he wasn’t necessarily likable on the page,” Duchovny told Fox News of Hank. “It wasn’t really about a guy who indiscriminately gets into fights, boozes, who has sex with multiple women . . . It was actually about a guy who’s doing that because he really wants to be with his family.”

Though Hank has no trouble wooing women into the sack, he wins major Guy Candy points for his role as super dad. After finding out his tween daughter is at a rowdy party full of drugs, sex and alcohol, papa Hank bursts in on a mission to find his little girl. Saving her from the pot pipe, Hank hoists hisdaughter on to his shoulder and drags her out to safer breathing quarters.

While time will only tell what will happen with the Moody clan, his heroics and vertical romps are just two of the reasons Guy Candy lovers are planning to tune in all series long.

As for the forty something actor himself, he’s a devoted family man, married to the beautiful Tea Leoni since 1997.

Showtime’s “Californication” begins Monday, August 13 at 10:30PM.

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