Guy Candy: Jonathan Rhys Meyers

LONDON, England (March 30, 2007) — If you haven?t tuned your Guy Candy radar into him already, prepare yourself. With his performance as Henry VIII in Showtime?s new series ?The Tudors,? Jonathan Rhys Meyers is about to become a household name.Though his slim hips and lanky frame at first seem mismatched with traditional portraits of the British king, Rhys Meyers is about to rebrand the identity of one of the world?s most famous monarchs. The 29-year-old Irish actor not only makes Henry seem exciting and vigorous, but his lusty performance, bedding courtly babe after courtly babe, shows for the first time why this historical figure was such a hit with the ladies.In private, Rhys Meyers has no trouble getting the girl, either. He?s been linked to a slew of Hollywood beauties over the years, though not Scarlett Johansson, who he co-starred with in Woody Allen?s ?Match Point.? The two made a point of denying a relationship, though he has admitted on several occasions he got a little too passionate during their love scene and ended up biting her lip.Though he?s taken on the lead role in the new Showtime series, Rhys Meyers is no boy picked out of the blue. The delicate featured Irishman starred opposite Keira Knightley in the soccer picture ?Bend It Like Beckham,? was paired up with Ewan McGregor in the glam pic ?Velvet Goldmine,? and took on the rather celebrated role of American rock ?n? roll royalty, starring as Elvis in a CBS miniseries in 2005.

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