Guy Candy Special: #8 George Clooney

In 1996, before there was ever a McDreamy or even a McSteamy, Clooney was the resident hot doc. More than a decade later, George is still smoldering and our number eight Guy Candy.

?I love that man. I love him, love him, love him! [He’s]one of my dearest friends,? Renee Zellweger gushed to our cameras.

Julia Roberts sang his praises too.

?George and I have become great friends,? she said. ?He’s such a wonderful guy.?

And even legend Dolly Parton proved she too was not immune to his charms.

?He’s the prettiest thing and he’s so nice, everybody is in love with George Clooney,? she enthused.

He’s premium Guy Candy, always debonair, but never done. At 45, George doesn?t cover up his grays and carries his rugged good looks with confidence.

George?s appeal was Cate Blanchett?s selling point for their serious World War II movie ?The Good German.?

?I think the main reason to see ‘The Good German’ is George --who has just been crowned two time winner of the Sexiest Man Alive, is starring in it and you can see his chiseled features repeatedly in it close up,? she teased last year.

Yes, George was named People Magazine’ s 2006 Sexiest Man Alive much to his close friend and our number ten Guy Candy, Brad Pitt?s dismay.

?He won’t talk to me now,? George told Access Hollywood. ?He’s hurt. I hear that he had to hide in like India or some place because of the shame.?

George received another eminent honor recently. He was inducted into Access Hollywood?s Style Hall Of Fame, in December.

?I don?t know how to accept this except to say that it’s something I worked very hard for and I spend a lot of time in front of a mirror working on and I?m proud to have it,? he said.

Clooney with his pal Julia Roberts (AP)

Even more endearing than his quick wit, George is steadfastly dedicated to his craft. He gained 35 pounds for the political thriller ?Syriana,? and won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

Clooney is also an activist outside of his film work. He?s advocating a resolution for the humanitarian crisis in Darfur.

?What we cannot do — turn our heads and look away and hope that this will somehow disappear,? he said.

No kids yet, but George showed his doting side with Julia Roberts? twins.

?It was the most adorable little thing and so unexpected coming from George, these incredibly sweet, very warm, I must say super-fuzzy like, angora baby booties,? Julia said about Clooney?s gift.

A compassionate, funny, handsome Oscar winner and he’s still available.

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