Healthy Hollywood: 3 Tips To Fight Your Cravings

It’s week two on Dr. Frank Lipman’s Be Well Cleanse. Unlike other juice fasts and detoxes, I am not feeling hungry. You can eat a light lunch and dinner.

Dr. Lipman’s cleanse focuses on eating clean and avoiding caffeine, alcohol and sugar. Plus, you’re not allowed to have dairy, gluten and certain vegetables and fruits.

One of the biggest challenges is learning how to not give into your cravings. After all, I’m the type of gal who loves her coffee and a glass of wine!

Health coach Jennifer Mielke sends out a daily e-mail with tips on making it through the 14 days.

Here are Jennifer’s types on having power over your cravings. You don’t have to be on a cleanse to use these suggestions in your daily life.

  1. Take a deep breath. Acknowledging a craving is the first step to overcoming it. Use it as a trigger for a few minutes of mindful breathing and see if you can just sit with the desire but choose not to fulfill it.
  2. Celebrate your resolve. You didn’t succumb to your craving, and that is so commendable! Take a moment to recognize and appreciate the work you’re doing. It may sound silly, but the more you recognize your progress, the more you empowered you’ll feel by the end of the two weeks.
  3. Enjoy a healthy substitution. Sometimes the craving stalks us, despite our best efforts to hold it off. When it just won’t go away, a healthy treat that you really enjoy should do the trick.

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