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“It’s crazy to me that sometimes people are embarrassed of their age because we’re all going to get older. We’re all going to get there if we are lucky. If you’re blessed,” states Laila Ali. The 35 year old boldly declared her age on a Times Square jumbotron in New York City to kick off Pfizer’s “Get Old” wellness campaign.

Healthy Hollywood caught up with the boxing champ at the event and she told me she’s proud to be a spokesperson for this live well initiative. “I want Americans to start to take control of their health. As a 35-year-old woman, I remember when I was 20, it seemed like when I first came on the scene and I was boxing and I was so young. I have learned so much, changed so much and I’m proud of my age. And, heck, I’m going to make sure I look good. That’s I’m eating properly and staying fit.”

Laila is a self-proclaimed healthy living advocate. She not only takes care of herself, but also her two kids. “I am big on eating because that’s the fuel for our body and that’s where a lot of it starts; in our stomach and gut, unfortunately. I make sure my kids aren’t just eating a bunch of processed junk food, snack food that our body doesn’t recognize and can’t even break down. So, I encourage, a mom of the house they’re going to eat what I put in the house. So, it’s all on me. I take a lot of responsibility for that.”

Laila is a true champion of good eating. Cooking since the age of 12, the self-taught chef proved to be a culinary knockout after her recent win on Food Network’s “Chopped All-Stars.” “I’ve done a lot of cooking shows. I would love to have my own cooking lifestyle show. So, don’t’ be surprised if you see me on the Food Network,” Laila teased to Healthy Hollywood about her future food ambitions.

The daughter of former boxing camp Muhammad Ali admits right now she would choose a career in cooking over boxing. But, don’t think she’s slacking in the fitness department. She still exercises five days a week. “I’ll run 4 to 5 miles and I’ll go do some sprints and then do some light weight training and do about an hour and a half. To me that’s not hard. But, I guess once an athlete always an athlete.”

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