Healthy Hollywood: A Working Mom's Tips For A Balanced Life!

Designer Ramy Sharp is one busy lady. The acclaimed designer runs her own business with the launch of her fashion line, Ramy Brook. Plus, she's got three school-age kids to take care of. 

"I just try to focus and keep to a certain schedule and just make sure that I take care of my kids. I focus on them. I properly make sure they’re out of the house or get them to school and then I start my day. It’s like a real balancing act. It's time management. It’s almost like the more I put on my plate the more I can get stuff done," explains Ramy to Healthy Hollywood.

Healthy Hollywood admires women who have a successful career, are attentive moms and have learned the delicate balance of craving out healthy "mommy time." "Exercising for me first and foremost is mental. It keeps me mentally sane. I feel that when I get up and move and I sweat and I can just have one hour to myself it really helps me focus for the day," reveals Ramy.

Ramy tells me being a multi-tasking career mom inspires her to design clothes for women that are sexy yet accessible. "I understand that women multi-task and they try to do it all. So, the type of clothing and handbags we design is for that busy woman. So, it's practical, sexy, you feel really good and confident when you put it on and you don’t have to put too much thought into it because you don’t have time to plan out every outfit. I’m just very relatable to the women who I design for."

Ramy believes fashion can be a great confidence booster. But, women need to focus on their strengths and not worry about keeping up with the latest trends, noting, "Focus on whatever makes you feel good. If it’s your hair, then wear your hair down and put in that style you love to do. If it's your legs, then wear the tightest jeans you have, so you just walk out and feel sexy. Women should focus on something that makes them feel really good and confident when they leave the house."

-- Terri MacLeod

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