Healthy Hollywood: Ali Wentworth's Pledge for A Healthy Sex Life

Actress/comedian Ali Wentworth has no plans to ever slow down her sex life.

"I want to be having as much sex I had in my 30s as I do in my 80s. I shouldn't just be Betty White who is getting action when she's older," declares Ali, who is married to journalist George Stephanopoulos. They have two kids together.

Healthy Hollywood got a chance to meet up with the very funny Ali at recent event New York City event celebrating the next women's movement. Ali and the pharmaceutical company, Shionogi, hosted a group discussion with super savvy medical experts on women's bodily changes and how to have an active sex life at any age.

After all, most women will spend one-third of their life in their "transitional years." Yet, women and society seems to have a hard time talking about the taboo topic of menopause. Suddenly, women will experience hot flashes, night sweats, moodiness and a lessening libido and won't know what's happening.

"Women don't talk about it. I talk about it with my core girlfriends but it's not something society talks about. The problem is that when I go through menopause, which could be tomorrow, I don't want to be googling things and trying to figure out what I should do," reveals Ali.

At 49, Ali wants to start the dialogue and inspire women to get educated. There's no need to be embarrassed, it'll happen to all of us eventually. "I am educating myself every time I talk about it or talk to others. For me personally, my fear is not painful sex, but I was afraid of shutting down. I know some women who whose bodies change and they just shut down. That is my fear, I don't want to shut down sexually."

Women, go ahead and take charge of your sex life. Take the pledge to be empowered at

-- Terri MacLeod

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