Healthy Hollywood: Amy Poehler’s Smart Girl Advice!

Amy Poehler is one of funniest, smartest gals in Hollywood.

Her sharp wit has been showcased on “Saturday Night Live,” in movies and on her own NBC comedy, “Parks and Recreation.”

But, when she’s not performing or taking care of her two young sons, she’s busy with her web series, “Smart Girls at the Party,” which helps empower young girls.

“I connect to that age. I’ve learned a lot about myself by talking to young girls,” she reveals in the March 2014 issue of Ladies Home Journal.

Amy also shared with the magazine why she’s inspired by tweens, saying, “Young girls feel passionate about things. They remind me that it’s okay to really care – and that cynicism and sarcasm are an easy choice. I also learned that age 12 is a lot different from 13. When kids turn 13, they don’t want to dance with their parents as much.”

Plus, young girls can learn a lot from the star’s savvy perspective. She’s one of those driven personalities who knew at a young age how to go after her dreams.

“I think the hardest thing is to know what you want, ask for it and then to stop talking. Early on I worked hard to figure out what I wanted to do – and that I only wanted to do work that I would be proud of,” she explains in Ladies Home Journal.

Now, at 42, she’s also learned a few life lessons that can be passed on to women of all ages, adding, “Age gives you a couple of things. One, you get better at not taking everything people say personally. Two, you learn those types of questions are more about the person asking them than they are about you. And three, you realize no one can make you feel bad about your choices without your permission.”

For more of Amy’s insightful advice, pick up the March 2014 issue of Ladies Home Journal.

-- Terri MacLeod

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