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This week’s question…

“I heard about Zaggora workout gear the other day on the news. What’s the deal with it?” — Theresa A., Laurel, MD

Keri says…

Zaggora is a line of workout gear, made with “celu-lite” fabric technology. They claim it helps to increase your core body temperature during workouts, which in turn helps you burn calories and lose weight. Specifically, Zaggora says that wearing their HotPants can increase your energy expenditure (calorie burn) by 11.3% and also continue increase calorie burn for up to an hour after exercise.

Too good to be true?

While it is very likely that the fabric used to make Zaggora’s HotPants does indeed cause you to sweat more during your workouts and therefore lose weight (water weight!), you need to read the fine print before tossing your old workout wardrobe. 14 people in total were tested over a 4-week period on the effects of HotPants compared to a control garment when worn during exercise. The people that wore HotPants lost 1.32 pounds more than the control group. Not so compelling as this could all be water weight lost prior to being put on the scale!

The idea behind Zaggora has been around forever: the hotter you are = the more you sweat = the more weight you lose. (Does anyone remember sauna suits!?)

While I don’t want you to believe that new workout gear is the miracle answer to your weight loss endeavors, as long as you stay hydrated these pants certainly won’t hinder your efforts. And, if you find the styles slimming and comfortable they just may motivate you to go to the gym more (I know that does the trick for me!). Remember, the best and healthiest way to lose weight is by eating a healthy diet and incorporating exercise in your daily routine. Once again, there are no shortcuts. Here are some tips that will help you exercise steady and slim you down:

1. Exercise doesn’t have to translate to spending hours at the gym. Find an activity that you enjoy doing, whether it is dancing, hiking, jump roping, or taking a beginners class in a sport that interests you. Find something, anything, you like.

2. Set positive, easy-to-measure goals. Telling yourself you want to “lose 2 inches off your tush” isn’t always positive energy. Instead, set goals that you know you can meet, like “I’ll go to the gym after work at least 3 times this week” or “I am going to incorporate 2 new green veggies this week.”

3. Be consistent. Consistency helps build confidence in your ability to stick with a program and is the best way to see results. Be patient and consistent. Always.

-- Terri MacLeod & Keri Glassman

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