Healthy Hollywood: Chris Powell’s Extreme Ab Makeover!

As the go-to fitness guru on ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition,” Chris Powell knows a thing or two about helping folks drop major pounds. And, he tells Healthy Hollywood getting an ab-tastic body starts in the kitchen.

“Nutrition is the driving force behind fat loss, behind getting super lean, sexy and ripped muscles. Once you get your nutrition dialed in then you use exercise to accelerate the results,” Chris reveals to Healthy Hollywood.

Healthy Hollywood got a chance to chat with the fitness dynamo and his super-toned and adorable wife, Heidi at the recent opening of Reebok Fithub Union Square in New York City. Chris is a paid brand ambassador for Reebok.

Heidi, also, agreed with her hubby that great abs start in the kitchen, noting, “So many people think that they have that spare tire around their waist and they think ‘gosh, I’ve got to do more crunches and abs.’ But, you can’t spot reduce, if you want to reduce that fat layer around your belly you have to reduce the fat over your entire body. You lose fat globally and the way to do it through what you’re eating.”

Heidi, who is in absolutely fabulous shape, especially for a mother of six, reveals there are 3 simple adjustments to make to your diet immediately. “It really is reducing sugar, reducing salt and drinking lots of water. You’ve got to start in the kitchen – you can’t exercise out a bad diet, you just can’t.”

Chris, who is also the best-selling author of Choose More, Lose More For Life, shared his top diet rules to make whether you want to lose 5 pounds or a 100. “First off, drink more water. We always aim for about a gallon a day. Next, reduce your sugar intake. This is very, very important because we eat way too much sugar and sugar is not good for the human body.

Protein is also a must, Chris adds, “Eat protein first at every meal. Protein is the most satisfying marconutrient of them all. It will make you immediately full, so it takes you out of the red zone when it comes to eating your carbs later.”

To rev up metabolism, be sure to eat within 30 minutes of waking and every 3 hours thereafter and reduce your sodium intake.

Once you’ve got your diet under control; then hit the gym. This powerhouse health duo also recommends folks wear attractive, well-fitted gym gear, like Reebok’ sports line; especially if you’re new or coming back to the gym. “When you get the gear you automatically feel like you can do what people that wear the gear do. In addition, I will say that it is so important to have proper footwear, especially for what we do. Our people are spending hours on their feet every day, whether it’s running, walking, dancing – and to have the right gear is so important. I mean we need to take care of our bodies – we only have one,” states Heidi. 

-- Terri MacLeod 

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