Healthy Hollywood: Dancing With Karina Smirnoff

Fans of “Dancing with the Stars” are very familiar with Karina Smirnoff and her sexy dance moves — she’s competed on the show for 15 seasons. Now, the Ukrainian-born beauty is stepping out of the TV ballroom and giving the rest of us folks a chance to experience her waist-whittling dance lessons.

She’s traveling the world with her self-created DanceFit-KS workshop.

This weekend she’s headed to Colorado to host a three-day DanceFIT-KS Workshop at the Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa at Beaver Creek Mountain. “We are going to do everything from dance classes where you feel like the stars do on ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ to fitness classes with dance infusions. We will have time to hang out and get to know each other with a cocktail party and meet and greets,” reveals Karina to Healthy Hollywood.

Karina created these dance workshops to help inspire people of all ages to get moving.

“DanceFIT-KS is an incredible workout and lifestyle program. The fitness classes work all muscle groups in the body including the brain. Not to mention they’re high in cardio too. The classes are 50 minutes long and all you need is a small space and your body. They can be done anywhere,” adds Karina.

Karina tells me her dance-cardio classes are a full body workout. Besides the heart-pounding sweat, she promises her workout is a lot of fun, noting, “Since it’s done to music, it helps to develop rhythm. And, of course, it is FUN! I believe you should enjoy getting and staying in shape.”

If you can’t make her Colorado workshop, Karina shared with Healthy Hollywood three of her favorite exercises…


Stand with your feet wide apart with both knees bend pointing out. Belly button in, spine stretched out. Arms are up resting against an imaginary wall right in front of you, elbows bent. Keeping you lower part of the body still, bend upper body side to side, elbows reaching for knees. Every sixth bend transfer your weight to one leg, lifting other leg up to touch the elbow of the same side.


Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bend. Squeeze one side of the body to lift the hip up for 4 quick changes, transfer weight and jump knees high in place while keeping your back straight, arms stretched out by your sides, four times.


Transfer weight from foot to foot, as wide as you can, while sweeping the floor with fingertips from foot to foot.

-- Terri MacLeod

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