Healthy Hollywood: Emmy Rossum’s ‘Shameless’ Sex Appeal

Thanks to her role as the edgy eldest sister on Showtime’s hit “Shameless,” Emmy Rossum is raking up major kudos in Hollywood. And, off screen, her girl next door good looks are making her a bona fide red carpet starlet.

So, it is a natural fit for Emmy Rossum to flash her mega-watt smile on the cover of the March/April issue of Natural Health.

“With a show like ‘Shameless,’ you can’t hide behind a lot of makeup, so I take very good care of my skin,” confesses Emmy to Natural Health.

Plus, her clean, gluten-free diet also helps. She’s been gluten-free since her tween years, revealing, “I cut out gluten at that point and have hardly had any canker sore. I also have less bloating and fatigue.”

Besides no wheat, the 27-year-old actress is very conscious about the foods she puts on her plate. But, she does allow herself the occasional cheat.

“Today, I ate french fries. I try not to deprive myself, because when I do I’ll eat a bunch of food really quickly in the corner of the kitchen and hope nobody notices. Because that means it doesn’t count, right (laughs)?”

To keep her body lean and toned, Emmy is a big fan of the ballet-based barre routine Physique 57. And, she tells Natural Health she never takes a break from working out. “I have a much nicer personality when I’m working out. I’m nicer. I’m less stressed out. It’s almost like I’m in church in a way. I can go and connect with myself and my body. It’s one hour a day I give myself, and I think of it as something I’m doing to maintain health in the long run.”

Yet, when the busy actress wants to slow down, she de-stresses with a treatment suggested by her friend, actress Liv Tyler.

“I love baths. Sometimes I’ll prop my computer next to the tub and put on ‘Top Chef.’ And every two or three weeks, I’ll add Epsom salts and some hydrogen peroxide. I find it really detoxifying. Your nails are really white afterwards too,” she reveals in the magazine.

For more of Emmy’s beautifying routine, check out the March/April 2014 issue of Natural Health.

-- Terri MacLeod

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