Healthy Hollywood: Fab Food Friday – 10 Tips To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain!

Celebrity dietician and Women’s Health contributing editor, Keri Glassman, stopped by our morning show, Access Hollywood Live, to show Billy Bush & Kit Hoover how to slim down their Thanksgiving meal. If you ended up pigging out anyway; stop the guilt! I know I enjoyed my second helpings of stuffing and mashed potatoes. But, there’s still time to keep the weight down during the holidays. After all, we’ve got a solid month of feasting festivities – with the accent on hearty not healthy.

Keri shares her ten tips to help you survive the hectic holiday season and still fit into your clothes come New Year’s!

1. Sip Smartly:
A single shot of vodka, gin, or rum mixed with club or diet soda will only set you back 100 calories. Also, both wine and light-calorie beer are less than 100 calories. Just watch the quantity!

2. Work the Room:
Don’t plant yourself next to the food table. Who can resist shoveling down munchies… especially if there’s a cute guy across the room making you nervous?

3. At the Mall:
Stick to the stores and avoid the food court (high-cal central). Or, resist all temptation and do online shopping.

4. Pack Snacks:
Need to make a mall trip? Pack your own goodie bag. Stick 30 pistachios or 24 almonds in a Ziploc bag with dried fruit. I know it’s not as yummy as an over-sized cookie, but think of all the guilt you’ll save.

5. Sidestep Seasonal Sirens:
Holiday-themed coffee drinks and sweets are more caloric than regular ones. If you must get festive, sprinkle a little cinnamon into your coffee.

6. Resist the Temptation to “Taste”:
I am guilty of being a big taster in my kitchen – just to make sure all is yummy. It’s easy to think “tastes” are calorie-free – but they’re not! To resist temptation, clean as you go. Have a pan of hot, soapy water on standby and plunge batter-covered beaters and sauce-laden ladles into it once you’re done.

7. Downsize Your Dishware:
Research shows that people eat what’s on their plates - even if it’s more than they need to satisfy their hunger. Solution? Buy smaller dinner dishes.

8. Have a Game Plan:
Variety is the spice of life, but the more options on the table, the more we want to try. One tactic is to offer to bring a healthy dish. Your hostess will welcome the addition, and you will have a healthy go-to.

9. Make Conscious Indulgences:
If you’re a dessert person and you know that cheesecake has your name on it, don’t deprive yourself. Instead, pass on the roll with butter.

10. Get Creative with Your Leftovers:
Be smart and use leftovers to your advantage. Try fresh turkey on spinach salad after Thanksgiving. Or, make a big turkey veggie soup. The ideas are endless.

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