Healthy Hollywood: Fab Food Friday – Diet Like A Guy!

Whether it’s Ryan Reynolds’ rock hard physique or David Beckham’s chiseled chest, both these bodies of work are sure to make any woman look twice. Why not? Who doesn’t like a little eye-candy?

November’s Self Magazine suggests women need to look a little bit deeper. Don’t just be in awe of their bodies; be inspired!

According to Self, Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez both borrow workout moves from the boys. They like to sculpt their bodies with barbells, instead of dumbbells. A bar is easier to keep steady and women can lift to their full-firming potential. Sounds good!

The editors over at Self share with Healthy Hollywood a few more of men’s secrets to dieting and working out with success.

1. Grunt, Groan, and Sweat:
Go ahead and make noise. Those guy grunts are more than ego-boosters. They signal intensity: You burn more fat and tone muscles in less time with gasp-inducing cardio intervals – short, go-all-out stints interspersed with stretches at a slower pace. If you can speak during your workout – push harder. Grunt and you are hitting the gym right.

2. Ditch the Dinner Drama:
Guys see pizza and think, Yum. Women tend to stress about what they eat, but also are more likely to binge eat. So, take a cue from men, and make food choices based on health and indulge on occasion. Too much food deprivation tends to lead to over-eating later.

3. Eat Real Foods:
Guys tend not to nibble on low cal or diet foods. That’s a positive because it’s healthier to fuel up on whole foods for better nutrition.

4. Feed Your Ego:
Women are competitive, but don’t think it’s lady-like (or wise) to brag. Think again! Self says ego is a powerful motivator and suggests next time you have an amazing workout – tell someone (or tell many).

5. Care About Your Stats:
Men love the numbers and measure improvement in their workouts, instead of just being motivated by a firmer rear. Self suggests women set a new goal before every workout, whether it’s raising the treadmill incline or knocking out an extra set. Approaching your exercise routine in this manner tends to lead to better results.

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