HEALTHY HOLLYWOOD: Fab Food Friday: Eat Your Carbs — Lose Weight!

Pasta is one of stars’ favorite culinary delights. Britney Spears, Keira Knightley and Beyonce all fess up to lovin’ a heaping plate of pasta. Even Julia Roberts revealed to Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush her love of pasta while shooting “Eat Pray Love” in Italy.

“I mean it was a little bit we’re in Italy, but it was a lot of you know, you got to eat a bowl of pasta all day – it’s not just one bowl of pasta,” she said.

Now, some good news for pasta-loving celebs (and us regular folks): Fear carbs no more! After decades of being told carbs are ‘EVIL’ – they make us fat, bloated, and tired, the editors from Health magazine debunk this myth in “The CarbLovers Diet.

“Studies confirm that adding a little Resistant Starch to your morning meal will shift your body into fat-melting mode, so that you burn nearly 25% more calories a day,” says Ellen Kunes, co-author of “The CarbLovers Diet.”

Now, this doesn’t mean gorge on bagels and muffins, instead this plan targets eating foods with the highest Resistant Starch level – such as bananas, potatoes, whole-grain pasta, and beans/lentils. These types of carbs create a “chain reaction in your body, literally shrinking fat cells, preserving muscle, stoking your metabolism, and making you feel fuller, longer.”

4 Rules of the CarbLovers Diet:

Eat a CarbStar at every meal:

High-in-Resistant Starch carbs are the cornerstone of this diet. Resistant Starch is a miracle ingredient found in carbohydrate foods. The “CarbLovers Diet” maximizes your intake of this fat-flusher by sneaking the top 11 Resistant Starch foods into every meal.

Balance your plates:

Depending on where you are in the diet, CarbStars should take up roughly one quarter of your plate. The rest of your meals will be filled with great weight-loss boosters like lean meats and low-dairy products, goods fats, and fruit and veggies.

Be portion savvy:

You can eat the carbs you crave at every meal. That said, you do need to follow the diet’s portion advice. But, people who’ve tried this diet say they were completely satisfied and never hungry.

Never deprive yourself:

Chocolate desserts, pastas, wine, bread pudding and even potato chips are on the menu. Why? When you’re forbidden to eat your favorite foods, you end up bingeing on those same foods — and consequently packing on pounds. You can indulge (in moderation) every day.

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