Healthy Hollywood: Fab Food Friday – Elle’s Body Of Health!

At 48, Elle Macpherson is in unbelievable shape. The supermodel has the enviable body that easily rivals any 20-something.

“My motivation is feeling joyful, inspired, passionate, patient, strong and healthy,” Elle reveals in the May issue of Fitness magazine. “That’s more important to me than hitting X number of pounds on the scale, and it drives what I eat and how I work out,” she adds.

The single mother of two radiates on the cover of Fitness magazine’s 20th anniversary issue. Besides the busy job of raising two boys, she’s also the creative director of two companies, a signature lingerie line and bath products – not to mention she’s the executive producer of NBC’s designer reality show “Fashion Star.”

But, Elle confides staying busy, and loving what she does, is one of the secrets to her ageless appeal, “I’m passionate about lingerie and ‘Fashion Star,’ and I’m passionate about my sports – skiing, surfing, biking.”

Unlike some youth-obsessed stars, Elle doesn’t romanticize time gone by, adding, “I’m almost 50, so I obviously don’t have the same body I had when I was 20. But I also don’t have the same mind-set: Then I was wracked with self-consciousness and insecurity. Now I appreciate my maturity, my depth of spirit and soul and my understanding of who I am and what’s important to me.”

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