Healthy Hollywood: Fab Food Friday – Green Lifestyle Tips!

Happy Earth Day! Today millions around the world will celebrate all things green. So, whether you’re an eco-warrior or a green newbie, try and do something to make Mother Earth healthier. Healthy Hollywood recruited TV host and green living expert Sara Snow to share her favorite eco-lifestyle tips.

Give your kitchen a non-toxic scrub down:
Our kitchens harbor germs in all the obvious places - high chair trays, counter tops, and floors - and less obvious places, too. You might not be doing yourself any favors when you try to eliminate them; most cleaning products are full of harmful chemical ingredients. I love the newer line by Seventh Generation. Anti-germ superstar CleanWell powers its disinfecting properties.

Snack smarter:
I don’t hit a mid-afternoon slump like many people do, but I hit a late morning one always. So that I don’t reach for the wrong thing, I always keep a bowl full of fruit and a jar full of nuts and seeds within arms reach. An apple and a handful of almonds are a perfect snack; protein, fiber and good fats. I love the Tamari Almonds by Eden Foods (my dad was co-founder of this great company). The salty mixed with the sweetness of an apple is perfection.

Take your vitamins:
While food and exercise are great tools, they can only do so much. I haven’t gone a day without a multivitamin in as long as I can remember. New Chapter makes the best - they’re made of high quality, food based ingredients and they’ve got one for every walk of life.

Treat what ails you with a different kind of over-the-counter:
When you’re feeling stressed, or achy in the throat, head or belly, do what I do and slide past the medicine cabinet to the tea cupboard. I have a massive drawer filled with tea, and aside from a few boxes of plain ol’ tea it’s all designed to treat whatever is ailing me. Traditional Medicinals is my favorite tea and their Echinacea Plus tea is probably the one I reach for more than any other.

Give in to those puppy eyes:
My kitchen wouldn’t be my kitchen without its stash of dog treats. A day wouldn’t be complete without my sweetie pie German shepherd sitting outside that cupboard begging for one. The Dogswell treats are her favorites and the Happy Hips variety make me feel like I’m helping protect her joints until she gets old.

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