Healthy Hollywood: Fab Food Friday – Jennie Finch’s Healthy Mom Pitch!

Jennie Finch might be the most famous softball player on the planet. But these days, the retired Olympic champ is raising a new team – her family.

She’s the mother of two and has a third on the way with professional baseball hubby, Casey Daigle.
She reveals to Healthy Hollywood her athletic training helped prepare her to stay fit and still juggle the busy life of a mom.

“The team mentality I have from softball has really carried through in my daily fitness routines,” Jennie says. “I ran the NYC marathon four and half months after giving birth to my second son Diesel. Activity and movement are keys for both healthy kids and healthy moms.”

Jennie is also dedicated to feeding her kids healthy foods. She’s teamed up with Greek yogurt Chobani to promote better foods choices and help educate other parents. “I think making yourself a priority is key. For me the best mom I can be is being a healthy and fit mom, being a great example for my boys. If they see me eating something healthy, they’re more likely to try it.”

Jennie is featured in Chobani’s new ads for their new children’s yogurt , Chobani Champions. “Chobani Champions Greek yogurt is perfect because it’s a good source of protein, calcium and vitamin D and tastes delicious.”

She’s also big on getting her kids to eat their greens. “I try to put as many colors as I can on the plate as I can and make vegetables taste good for them. It’s so great how many of the vegetables in produce sections are pre-cut nowadays, it makes my job so much easier,” she adds to Healthy Hollywood.

Jennie shared her tips for parents of school-aged kids who brown-bag their lunch to school.

1. If it looks good – it tastes good! Think about presentation when it comes to packing lunch. Bring color into the mix with snacks like cherry tomatoes, carrots and various types of fruits and berries.

2. Include a few surprises to brighten your child’s day. Let him or her find a new pencil, key chain or a special note to keep things fresh.

3. Try packing lunch with your child; guiding them in making in the right food choices. Print out a chart and come up with a variety of sandwiches, fruits and healthy snacks and some sweet treats to have them choose what they want for lunch.

-- Terri MacLeod

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