Healthy Hollywood: Fab Food Friday – Kyra Sedgwick Fights Plastic Pollution!

The Emmy Award-winning actress is on a mission to stop people from using plastic bottles. “I’m the queen of hating and discarding the water bottles and giving people dirty looks when they do have plastic water bottles, so don’t use this, use this [an aluminum or stainless steel water bottle],” Kyra reveals to wellness guru Dr. Frank Lipman on his Be Well Week; Be Well Weekend You Tube video series.

Kyra joined Dr. Lipman, who founded the Eleven Eleven Wellness Center in New York, to educate folks about one of her favorite subjects, plastics and how plastics and chemicals could be making you sick. One of the toxic chemicals used to make plastic is Bisphemale (or BPA) and has been linked to causing cancer, obesity, and even erectile dysfunction. “They put BPAs in the plastic in children’s water bottles. I think we are really unaware of most of the chemical pollutants that are harmful to us,” adds Kyra.

As a mother of two, Kyra says she and her husband, Kevin Bacon, really started to pay attention to toxic ingredients when she became pregnant with her first child. “I wanted to know everything I could even though it was scary to hear. Um, I wanted to know what I could do, I wanted to educate myself,” she reveals to Dr. Lipman.

In their video chat, Dr. Lipman shares with Kyra tips on how to reduce your exposure to BPA.

1. Carry a stainless steel water bottle with you.

2. Never heat your food in plastic containers. When you do heat your food don’t cover it with plastic cling wrap, use paper to cover food.

3. Avoid canned food as much as possible. Get preferably fresh, but even frozen foods. Those would be better than canned foods.

4. Try not to take receipts from cashier. If you do have to take a receipt don’t put it in your wallet. Put it into a separate envelope and If you’ve been touching your receipts wash your hands before you eat.

Check out Dr. Lipman’s wellness video series HERE.

-- Terri MacLeod

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