Healthy Hollywood: Fab Food Friday – Nurture Mom’s Spirit!

As we all should know, Mother’s Day is this Sunday. And, while most moms selflessly take care of others, most of us wouldn’t mind a day of pampering. “I often feel that the act of mothering means leaving your own personal needs aside and while it feels like giving, eventually it can inhibit one from being the best possible mom,” reveals Yael Alkalay, who founded the organic luxury skincare and body line, Red Flower.

“A great nights’ sleep, an intensive massage, a few hours set aside to be in a beautiful space and have a facial or body treatment can be completely healing and restorative and provide a lasting boost of energy so that you can be a better mom,” adds Yael. Beyonce, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jada Pinkett Smith are a few of the celebrity moms who are fans of the botanically-based Red Flower line.

While, the majority of us can’t afford celebrities’ wellness routine, Yael does suggest moms try and get a massage whenever they can. Or, at least teach your kids how to give a good foot massage.

“Regular spa treatments are an integral part of any health regimen both to benefit the lymphatic, circulatory and nervous system. I recommend weekly massage and body treatments and facial treatments once a month to ensure skin and physical health – reducing stress can save your life,” states Yael.

If a spa treatment is out of the budget , Yael reveals 3 de-stressors most of us can pass on to their Mom.

  • Light a Red Flower Ocean candle ( – look at the flame for a few meditative moments, inhale the aromatherapeutic scent of fresh, crushed laurel leaf – even 3 minutes of deep breathing and aromatherapy inhalation can increase brain wave activity, improve circulation and blood flow and calm the mind.
  • Red Flower makes a toning mist ( that is full of potent anti-anxiety essential oils – from birch to lavender. Inhaling hydrofoil and essential oil rich mists also helps fill the air around with negative ions which improve serotonin balance in the brain and lift the mood.
  • Stretch, breathe deeply and walk around the block. Take notice of the beauty and abundance around you – connecting back to nature – even in an urban environment can boost energy and relax the mind.

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