Healthy Hollywood: Fab Food Friday – Salma Hayek’s Secret To De-Bloat After The Holiday!

Ah, the day after Thanksgiving – feeling stuffed? Me too! After a high-calorie feast of turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie – I could use a little help in the de-bloat zone.

A good post-Thanksgiving sweat first thing in the morning is an excellent way to feel a tad lighter and set the stage for a healthier day of eating. Also, go for a veggie-packed juice – it will help ease the over-consumption blues. “A great way to de-bloat is to have an Essential Green juice in the morning,” reveals juicing expert, Eric Helms, who co-founded the Cooler Cleanse with Salma Hayek.

For years, Eric has been Salma’s go-to guy to help her get red carpet ready or shed a few extra pounds. Eric shares with Healthy Hollywood the secrets to one of Salma’s favorite de-bloat juices – Cooler Cleanse’s Essential Green juice. “It has dark green vegetables which contains essential vitamins and minerals crucial for the cleansing functions of the kidneys and liver. These greens are highly alkalizing to your cells – this counters the damage done by the corrosive acidic waste products from all the meat, sugar, dairy and other common foods you had during Thanksgiving dinner,” adds Eric.

Green Leaf Juice Ingredients:

Handful of spinach

3 stalks of celery

Small handful of parsley

3 leaves of green kale

2 Barlett pears, seeded

1/4 lemon, peeled

1/2 cucumber, peeled

Bunch up spinach, parsley, and kale, and push through juicer with celery, and pear. Follow with cucumber and lemon. Scrape off the foam and serve over ice. For variation, add dandelion greens or watercress.

Try drinking a green juice for breakfast or breakfast and lunch and then eat well for the rest of day, such as lean proteins & lots of veggies. “It helps your body run better, feel cleaner, and look brighter and younger because you ease the digestive process by replacing regular meals with delicious, fresh-pressed vegetables and fruit juices. You feel lighter and more energized,” states Eric.

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