Healthy Hollywood: Fab Food Friday – Sheryl Crow’s Nutrition Mission!

When Grammy-winning artist, Sheryl Crow isn’t busy chasing around her two kids or making music, she’s fighting to combat hunger.

The singer-songwriter often volunteers at food banks and has once again teamed up with One-A-Day Women’s and Feeding America for their Nutrition Mission campaign. “The reason I got involved in it was, I just couldn’t believe that in America, which seems like such a rich country, that we would have 50 million people who are living everyday with food insecurity,” she explains to Healthy Hollywood.

It’s hard to believe, but more than 50 million Americans need help getting food on the table. Crow adds, “I think it really comes home when you volunteer and you see families – you see moms walking in and getting produce from their local food bank and a week supply of canned goods and things like that to feed their kids. And, these are moms who are working. They just can’t afford to feed their kids 3 square meals a day.”

To help feed America, One A Day Women’s will make a donation of two meals every time someone buys a bottle of their vitamins. This do-good mission will last through June.

As for the health-conscious Crow, she’s thankful she can afford to instill good habits in her kids. “We try to always eat local. We try to eat organic. We try to eat in season, which does away with a lot of preservatives and it’s tricky.”

At 51, Sheryl is also singled out for her ageless look. She’s got a toned body that would inspire most women half her age to hit the gym. “I’m a really active person. I’m not good about going to the gym and I used to be an avid runner, but since my kids have come around I don’t get to exercise as much,” she reveals to Healthy Hollywood.

So, how what’s her secret? “I mean I’m just totally buff from lifting my kids. So, I figure it’s all balancing itself out.”

This year, the Nutrition Mission will award four $25,000 grants to local food banks. Plus, one winner will get the chance to meet Sheryl in New York City to help further raise awareness of food insecurity. Find out more at

-- Terri MacLeod

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