Healthy Hollywood: Get Movin’ Monday – James Franco’s Race To Red Carpet Readiness!

The Oscar countdown is on! It’s a mere four weeks to Hollywood’s biggest night.

While, to find out who takes home the gold prize is one reason to watch, the other is the style showdown. And, the men aren’t sitting on the sidelines.

Best actor nominees James Franco, Jeff Bridges, and Colin Firth better have their best grooming game on. And, the road to getting fit n’ fab begins now!

“First of all you need to make a commitment to yourself, to doing what it takes to get in tip top shape. It takes a lot of sacrifice and hard work,” reveals celebrity fitness guru and FRS Health & Fitness Ambassador Peter Park, who whips the bodies of Oscar nominee Jeff Bridges, Matthew McConaughey, and Lance Armstrong into shape. “If you want to look lean and fit going down the red carpet you have to nail the diet (and exercise).”

Peter also adds, “Stay away from sugar other than an occasional (1 –2 pieces per day) of fruit. Also, stay away from breads, pastas, and other carbs. Stick to lean meat, vegetables, nuts and fruit.” And, of course mind your portions!

Diet is just one part of the equation – there’s also exercise.

“To look your best you do not have to do 3 hours of training per day,” states Peter. Phew! But, Park recommends his celebrity clients do 2 – 3 days per week of 1 hour resistance training and 20 – 30 minutes of intense cardio intervals on 2 – 3 days.

“Weights and intense cardio will not only burn calories while doing it, but this type of training will keep your metabolism buzzing all day long.” Plus, the resistance training helps men look trim and toned in their tux. Like that!

To maintain a high-energy workout, Peter recommends drinking a sports drink, such as FRS Healthy Energy Concentrate, which revs you up but isn’t packed with sugar and caffeine. He also suggests ‘compound’ exercises such as squats, dead lifts, push-ups, and lunges to maximize your results.

While, most regular dudes won’t be hitting the red carpet anytime soon (or ever)! Men do have important dates on their calendar, such as Valentine’s Day, weddings, college reunions – you get the picture. So to help us ‘Average Joes’ slim down. Peter reveals his 4-week shape-up plan.

Week 3 & 4:

Diet: You’re training hard so make sure you get enough protein to repair your muscles. Again, the timing of carbs is important, eat carbs only after strenuous exercise sessions.

Sample Day:
Breakfast – Veggie egg white omelet and some fresh berries
Snack – Hand full of almonds
Lunch – Mixed green salad with chicken
Workout – Weights and cardio intervals
Post workout – Small protein shake (20 grams protein, 30 – 50 grams carbs)
Dinner – Salmon and vegetables

Week 2 & 1:

Diet: Crunch time! If losing weight and close to target, stay with same diet as week 3 and 4. If need to lose a bit more, cut portions down 1/3 to get in a lower calorie deficit. Drink lots of water to keep hydrated and give yourself a bit of fullness.

Exercise: Train higher reps (10 –20) and do faster circuits to burn more calories.

Sample workout:
Active warm-up – Mobility work and active stretches to prepare body for harder work.
Core – Planks, stability ball work.

Strength –
Circuit 1: Do all exercises in a row with little rest or no rest. 2 – 3 rounds.
1. Push-ups - 10 reps
2. Kettlebell swings - 20 reps
3. Lat pull downs or pull ups - 10 – 20 reps
4. Step ups - 10 per leg
5. 1/4 mile run on treadmill

Circuit 2: Do all exercises in a row with little or no rest. 2 – 3 rounds.
1. Shoulder dumbbell squat and press - 15 reps
2. Squats with dumbbells - 15 reps
3. TRX row - 15 reps
4. Side lunges - 10 per side
5. 1 min sprint on elliptical

Track your fitness activity and food intake, or check out more training tidbits on

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