Healthy Hollywood: Get Movin’ Monday – Janet Jackson’s Bold New Bod!

Janet Jackson looks absolutely gorgeous. At 44, she looks happier than ever and even admits “she’s feeling better than ever in her own skin.” I admire a woman who takes pride in her age and doesn’t run to the plastic surgeon at the first sign of a wrinkle! We need more Janets!

The mega-celebrity and star of Tyler Perry’s new drama, “For Colored Girls,” gets candid in December’s Health magazine. “I wanted to help people understand the things I’ve gone through to being me where I am today,” she continues, “So they understand that journey of the weight loss, the weight gain, the self-esteem issues.”

Janet who’s struggled with her weight all her life and is a yo-yo dieter, says all the jabs about her size were painful, adding to Health, “It would make me sad. It wouldn’t make me mad. It would hurt.”

Janet hopes her wild weight fluctuations are finally under control and says she’s found a balance with healthy eating and exercise. No she didn’t crash diet nor turn into a fitness fiend. She learned to take better care of herself. She’s still not a big fan of boot camp training, but will do obstacle courses with her trainer and likes to run and work on her abs.

Janet’s next mission is to help young girls build their self-confidence with her upcoming book, “True You.” A pet peeve of the superstar is other people’s need to put others down, adding, “I think a lot of people want to focus on others’ shortcomings to make themselves feel better.” Janet just might be my new Hollywood role model! Way to go girl!

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