Healthy Hollywood: Get Movin’ Monday – Kate Middleton’s Post-Baby Workout!

The wait is over! Kate Middleton went into labor early this morning and now the world anxiously awaits the arrival of the royal baby.
While one of the last things on Kate’s mind right now is how to lose those pregnancy pounds. As most new moms can attest, pregnancy and giving birth does a number on your abs. Even if a new mom has lost the bulk of her pregnancy weight, chances are she’s still get post-pregnancy pooch.

Healthy Hollywood isn’t trying to put the pressure on Kate. After all, she looked absolutely stunning through-out her pregnancy. But, here a plan just in case!

Jacqueline Leake, Fitness Manager at CRUNCH gyms, has 5 tips to get your flat belly back after baby. And, these ab-toners will work whether you’re the Duchess or not!

Begin with 12 repetitions and slowly work up to 3 sets of each exercise and 15 repetitions.

1. Iso-Ab (aka-Plank): Not just limited to your traditional plank, but challenge yourself by lifting your legs during each set.
Begin by lying down in the prone position. Root down through your toes, firm your thighs, and ensure that your shoulder blades are retracted. Slowly lift your hips and chest off of the ground to the plank position. Then, begin lifting each leg about 6 inches from the ground and hold for 2 seconds before switching to the next foot. Please note that squeezing of your glutes and shoulders is important so not to impinge the low back.

2. Ball Bridge: While using a stability ball, strengthen your glutes and core for an added bonus.
Start by supporting your upper back and shoulders on the ball and draw-in your belly button to create a neutral spine. From here, slowly raise your hips to a table top position and hold for 2 seconds and slowly lower back down.

3. Floor Cobra: Strengthen your core for a balanced body and support while holding growing baby.
Start by lying on your stomach with arms alongside body and palms facing the floor. Draw-in your belly button, squeeze the glutes and bring your shoulder blades together. Then, lift your chest and hands off the floor, while keeping your arms straight. Hold each repetition for 2 seconds.

4. Ball Crunch: Support the natural arch in your back while building a stronger core.
Lie with the ball under your lower back and support with your knees over top your ankles. Place hands across your chest and be sure feet are hip-width apart. Draw-in your belly button and slowly crunch forward, then slowly lift back down.

5. Reverse Crunch: Bring strength to the lower abs.
Begin on a flat surface with your hips and knees at 90 degrees. Draw-in your belly button and slowly lift your hips off of the floor and bring your knees to your chest and then reverse back to starting position on the floor.

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