Healthy Hollywood: Get Movin’ Monday – Matthew McConaughey’s Plan For Ripped Abs!

Fair to say – Matthew has one of the best bods in Hollywood! His abs are the envy of men and an eye candy treat for women.

Plus, he loves to flaunt his famous six-pack, often photographed jogging shirtless – much to the delight of ladies worldwide.

“It’s always been a lifestyle,” the actors reveals in the April issue of Men’s Fitness. He also adds, “I’m not a professional athlete, but I have a job where I like to look good and be as healthy as possible.”

At 41, Matthew admits maintaining his stellar physique isn’t just about vanity. He’s got two energetic kids (son Levi 2, and daughter Vida, 1) to keep up with. The actor prefers to workout at his Malibu home. According to Men’s Fitness, a typical day might include pull-ups on the kids’ swing set followed by sprints in his backyard, pushups, one-legged squats, and finally a kettlebell workout in the driveway. Then, he often takes off on a hearty bike ride.

This Hollywood daddy also admits just hanging with his son, Levi, on the beach can be a total body workout. “You’re playing goalie,” he says of those treks. “You’re moving around, keeping up with him. And he wants to get outside all the time. He may not cover more than three square feet, but he’ll climb a bunch of stuff and dig a bunch of holes and it’s nonstop.”

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