Healthy Hollywood: Get Movin’ Monday – Minka Kelly Is The Fittest Woman On The Planet!

Talk about hotter-than-hot assets! And, we don’t mean Minka’s slugger boyfriend, Derek Jeter. The “Charlie’s Angels” actress has curves that drive men crazy and motivate women everywhere to head to the gym.

Minka is the fittest woman in Hollywood – according to Gold Gym’s 2nd Annual Hollywood’s Hottest Bodies Awards. Minka, 30, goes by the healthy living rule “everything in moderation.” She allows herself “one cheat day per week” and loves to run, for both the physical and mental results.

“Minka’s booty looks great because it looks athletic! She is properly proportioned and has symmetry all over,” states Gold’s Gym celebrity trainer, Ramona Braganza, who helped select this year’s hottest Hollywood body champs. Other making the cut - Ryan Reynolds is the fittest male, David Beckham has the best legs, and Eva Longoria gets kudos for her toned arms.

Ramona, who trains stars like Zac Efron, Jessica Alba, and Halle Berry, reveals to Healthy Hollywood that us regular folks can pick-up a lot of workout strategies from her famous clients.

Star Shape-Up Tips:

1. Be consistent by scheduling in your workouts!
After every workout I do with a client, I make it a point to schedule the next one. If you are on your own then write down your workout schedule for the week – ahead of time. Being consistent will give you results and that’s what my celeb clients know. Even if you can only fit in 20 minutes, it will keep you consistent and sticking to a regular schedule of at least 4 workouts a week will have you on your way to looking like a star.

2. Use tools to help you keep track of your progress!
To make sure my clients are training hard enough, I give them tools to use such as a pedometer. It is essential to use tools like this to track your progress. My favorite pedometer is Omron’s HJ-203 with the activity tracker.

3. It’s not just about exercise!
Eating properly is half the equation. Stick to my 321 Rule of eating - 3 meals, 2 snacks, and drinking a minimum of 1 liter of water daily to keep your metabolism cranking! Smaller meals of lean proteins, complex carbohydrates with lots of vegetables and fruits and eating good fats found in nuts and avocadoes are how my clients lose the weight.

4. Make sure you’re training your mind, body, and spirit!
Having a connection that goes deeper than your appearance will ensure you stay on track for a longer time. My clients don’t just train for a movie role; many train to ensure they can maintain a level of health in their lives. Exercise, proper nutrition, meditation, yoga are all ways that keep celebs in shape – not only on the outside but more importantly on the inside and for a lifetime.

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