Healthy Hollywood: Get Movin’ Monday – Oscar Nominees Get Their Glam Game On!

Just six days until Hollywood’s big night. You can bet nominees like Nicole Kidman, Annette Bening, and Natalie Portman are all busy getting their Oscar look together - and we don’t just mean which dress to wear.

On Oscar night, the stars must look their best from head to toe – as every little detail of their red carpet style will be scrutinized by fashionistas worldwide! That’s a lot of pressure.

One of a celebs first steps to Oscar readiness is to make sure their diet is on track – that the foods they’re eating today will make them look their best on Sunday night. Nutritionist Keri Glassman stopped by Access Hollywood Live this morning to show Billy Bush & Kit Hoover which foods will help make their bodies beautiful.

“Food affects our weight, our energy, and… it affects our appearance making us glow or sag,” declares Keri.

Here’s Keri’s 6-day Oscar game plan:

6 Days To Oscar:
With only one week to spare, stars need to up the powerful cleansing and antimicrobial foods. Foods that are natural antibacterial agents are good for treating acne and reducing redness. Foods that are also high fiber help keep our entire body, including our skin detoxified.

1. Artichokes: Loaded with antioxidants and have phytochemicals that act as anti-inflammatory agents for you skin too!
2. Strawberries: This fruit contains malic acid, which acts as an astringent to remove surface discoloration from your teeth.
3. Honey: It helps boost the level of polyphenolic antioxidants in the blood, improving blood flow to the skin.

4 Days To Oscar:
Need anti-inflammatory foods. Inflammation is the body’s response to any irritation or infection. Red, irritated skin is never any fun! Severe problems of skin inflammation include eczema and psoriasis, as well as tired, wrinkle-prone skin. Be sure to also load up on foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, such as salmon, flaxseeds, and chia seeds.

Apply 1 tbsp of flaxseed oil directly onto skin. This will smooth and restore moisture to dry, thirsty skin. Try putting a few drops of flaxseed oil in your favorite moisturizer for added help for inflamed, irritated skin.

2 Days To Oscar:
Indulge in foods rich in antioxidants (we should be eating these foods ALL the time). Antioxidants help counter free radicals in your body and thereby lessen the deterioration of the skin’s vital components like collagen and elastin. Some powerful antioxidants that keep your skin looking healthy, elastic and resilient are vitamin A, vitamin C, and Selenium.

Selenium is an antioxidant that can help prevent cellular damage, helping your hair stay healthy and supple. Foods to add to your diet are Brazil nuts and tuna.

24 Hours To Oscar:
Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! Proper hydration helps prevent your skin from drying out and helps eliminate toxins. It also improves cell turnover, meaning you have more healthy new cells to improve your skin tone, giving you healthy, dewy skin.

For the ultimate beauty meal: Try a dinner of poached salmon, steamed kale, and a baked sweet potato sprinkled with flaxseeds.

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