Healthy Hollywood: Get Movin’ Monday – Pedal Yourself Fit Like Katie Holmes!

Katie Holmes needs a fierce, kick-butt fitness routine to keep up with her action-loving hubby, Tom Cruise.

When the actress is in New York, she gets her adrenaline pumping at the indoor cycling phenom SoulCycle. This boutique studio is a magnet for fitness-loving celebs, Iike Kelly Ripa, Brooke Shields and even Chelsea Clinton got into wedding day shape here.

As Healthy Hollywood starts thinking about its fitness game plan for 2012, I am definitely putting spinning on the list.

While indoor cycling has been around for over a decade, there’s a bit of a spinning makeover that’s taking place. For starters, SoulCycle isn’t just about putting the pedal to the medal and blasting the fat off just your legs; instead it’s a full body workout.

“At SoulCycle riders use one pound weights on the bike, simultaneously toning the upper body and core,” states Elizabeth Cutler, SoulCycle co-founder. “SoulCycle originates all movements from the core. Instead of being just a lower body workout that builds thigh muscles, at SoulCycle, riders originate all of their movements from their CORE, so riders end up with strong, tight abs… instead of a push DOWN (like typical indoor cycling classes) SoulCycle’s workout is a pull UP to tighten, strengthen and define your ABS.”

Besides working with weights, the SoulCycle ride also includes modified push-ups and core twists – all while keeping your feet pedaling and rocking out to a mix of pop and hip hop hits. Yes, it’s a hearty 45-minute sweat session that can burn up to 700 calories – depending on how hard you push it. Like it! Perfect way to start the New Year burn!

“SoulCycle’s workout turns people’s bodies into what they want to look like today – which is strong and lean with defined abs and core, and arms,” adds Elizabeth. Yet, if you’re intimidated by the SoulCycle intensity – don’t be. Cycling classes, no matter where you take them, can be adapted for all fitness levels. “At SoulCycle, we ride in the candlelight so the intimidation factor of the other riders is minimized; however, we encourage new riders to have fun and ride at their own pace. If the instructor says to turn up the resistance and you are working at your capacity, it is okay to turn it down.”

Right now SoulCycle has 7 studios in the New York area and Miami, but is heading to LA in January and is expected to open in Washington D.C. However, you can still get in on the SoulCycle vibe with a limited edition grapefruit-scented candle by Jonathan Adler. The candle will give your home or fitness space the same soulful aura as celebs’ favorite cycling hot spot.

Plus, some of the proceeds will be donated to Action for Healthy Kids, which helps prevent childhood obesity. Check it out at

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