Healthy Hollywood: Get Movin’ Monday – Tennis Sensation Victoria Azarenka!

The U.S. Open tennis tournament kicks off today.

From Rafael Nadal to Andy Murray to Victoria Azarenka – all of my favorite players are in New York City and ready to swing into action. I only hope I get lucky enough to score tickets to one or two games.

This past Saturday was Arthur Ashe Kids Day, which is a fun pre-tournament celebration. Tween favorites like Austin Mahone, Fifth Harmony and Ariana Grande, along with First Lady Michelle Obama were all on hand to perform and promote tennis and healthy fitness for all.

Healthy Hollywood caught up with the world’s number two female, Victoria Azarenka, who is excited to dominate the court.

“[The] U.S. Open is my favorite event. It’s the last Grand Slam and it’s so much fun. Plus, the New York tennis fans are tough. They have firework energy during the night matches and also during the day.”

The 6-foot stunner is expected to be Serena Willliams’ greatest challenge here at the US Open. And, the Belarusian-born Victoria says she’s been training hard, adding, “I prepare to come here all year. Train hardcore a week before the tournament and come here to practice and adapt to the atmosphere. It’s also important to hit the gym and rest properly.”

Victoria reveals to Healthy Hollywood that she actually trains more in the gym than on the court. “I like to run and do body weight training. I’ve recently discovered paddle boarding. I’m passionate about paddle boarding even though I’ve only done it once.”

Besides working out, Victoria says nutrition is really the most important aspect of feeling healthy and energized. “I wanted to have Mexican food, Chipotle, here in New York, but my doctor said, ‘Would you put regular gas in a Ferrari? And, I thought probably not.’ So, it’s important to treat your body with [the] same respect. It’s important to eat things that feel good to your body.”

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