Healthy Hollywood: Get Movin’ Monday – The Situation On Workouts & Women!

Just in time for the Holidays. Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is releasing his fitness DVD.

It’s a must-buy for those who want to know the secret behind his chiseled core. The Situation reveals to Healthy Hollywood his world famous six-pack is the result of more than just crunches, adding, “I would have to say nutrition is key. I have to say cardio is key as well and also a little technique called isometrics.”

The Situation says he’s constantly working his abs 24/7 via isometric contractions. “I’ll be in an airplane and I’ll hold my abs, I’ll be driving and my abs will be held in, and eventually what happens is your body actually gets used to you kind of sucking in your stomach a little bit” Mike adds.

His fitness DVD is a full-body workout, but Mike realizes his fans are most interested in his six-pack producing routine. He shares five different ab exercises, plus his ultimate gut-busting secret: “It’s pretty much a leg raise and while you’re in the air you’re twisting and then lower down (legs) slowly,” a move Mike says took him a while to perfect.

At a moment’s notice, The Situation came up with some additional ab-sculpting pointers found only on Healthy Hollywood. Secrets you won’t find on the DVD.

1. To keep abs de-bloated, try not to eat carbs or drink milk at night.
2. Don’t do abs every day. Give it a day’s rest between workouts.
3. Be sure to work the lower back, as well as sides of abs. Not just the front of abs.
4. Keep hands on temples when crunching upwards. Not behind head!
5. Pull forward with stomach and exhale when you crunch. Keep movement slow.

A self-described “gym junkie,” The Situation never rushes his workouts and says time at the gym lowers his stress, adding, “You release endorphins, you know, it’s probably one of the few things that release endorphins besides sex.”

While The Situation is all situated with his million-dollar bank account, his meteoric fame, and his growing empire – there’s one thing missing – a girlfriend. The sentimental reality star says it’s hard to find the right girl. “I wear my heart on my sleeve. So, I would love to find, so to speak, Ms. Situation.” He’s looking for someone simple, adding, “I want a girl that is confident in herself and has her own thing going on and is smart, generous, obviously attractive. Hopefully she could cook, if she can’t cook, that’s cool. Maybe she can clean.”

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