Healthy Hollywood: Get Movin’ Monday – Train Like A Celeb!

Whether it’s Cameron Diaz’s killer legs or Gwen Stefani’s rock-hard abs –celebrities have the enviable bodies we all crave. Who doesn’t get a wee bit envious flipping through a mag and spotting those perfectly toned bikini bodies? I know I am guilty!

Another reality check - most of us average folks will probably never be that fit. SIGH! Then again, most of us don’t have access (or can’t afford) the best fitness trainers in the biz. DOUBLE SIGH!

The fitness experts at Healthy Fit Bodies have come up with a solution for us regular folks. They recruited 10 of the top personal fitness trainers and put together a 10-DVD set of exercises – kinda like your own dream team of personal trainers.

To get motivated to train like a celeb, Healthy Fit Bodies fitness expert Ellen Barret, suggests, “Think of your workout as “me time” and not as a chore. I’ve seen this mindset take people to the next level. And 2, remember that exercise can be your medicine – it can lift your mood, aid digestion, spark creativity, and ease anxiety. Once someone gets a taste of how exercise is a remedy of sorts, it’s very motivating and people literally can’t live without it.”

Also, home workout DVDs are awesome for new moms, “You can do your workout anytime, anyplace and you can be wearing your pj’s if necessary. I worked out to home exercise DVDs when my son was an infant,” adds Ellen.

3 Hollywood-inspired toning exercises:

1. Hip Lifts - (works abs)
Lie on your back with your head comfortably resting on the floor and arms down at your sides. Extend both legs straight up, forming a 90-degree angle at the hips. Now exhale and lift the hips off the floor about an inch. Release immediately and repeat without gaining momentum. Aim for 20 repetitions. This is great for flattening the lower belly.

2. Scissors - (works thighs)
Lie on your back with both legs extended straight up, making an L with your body. Head and shoulders rest comfortably the entire duration of the exercise. Now inhale and open the legs into a wide straddle. Exhale and squeeze the legs back to the starting position. Aim for 20 repetitions. This exercise lengthens and strengthens for ballerina-like thighs.

3. Push-ups (for arms)
Start on your hands and knees by placing the palms of each hand directly underneath each shoulder, then “walk out” the legs to form plank pose, balancing on the hands and toes with torso in one long line from head to heel. Now simply bend both elbows to approximately 90-degrees. Hover close to the ground and then straighten both elbows and return to the starting position. Aim for 2 sets of 10. This tones the triceps, biceps, deltoids and lats ALL AT ONCE!

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