Healthy Hollywood: Get Movin’ Monday - Yoga For Jet-Setters Like Kim Kardashian!

Keeping up with Kim Kardashian’s whirlwind schedule is nearly impossible. The reality icon seems to pop up in a different time zone every day. From NYC to Las Vegas to LA to South Africa to London to back to NYC, this jet-setter is always on the go.

My travel plans, like the rest of us mere mortals, rev up during the holidays. Granted I’m not jet-setting from city to city, but I do log miles in the car hopping from malls to friends to relatives. Plus, there’s my annual plane trip to Florida to visit my parents. Not exactly Kardashian travel, but being on-the-go does wreak havoc on my body.

Yoga guru and author of “Slim Calm Sexy Yoga” Tara Stiles shares with Healthy Hollywood a few simple yoga that re-energize a tired body and mind. “This routine promotes circulation and blood flow, releases tension in big muscle groups like the hips, hamstrings, and shoulders that tighten up during travel,” adds Tara.

Tara’s Energy Boosters:

1. Low lunge:
Step your right foot forward and your left foot way back. Sink your hips. Press your fingertips on either side of your front foot and stay for 5 long, deep breaths. Let your hips sink toward the ground on each exhale. Repeat other foot forward.

2. Low lunge with back knee down twist:
Lower your back knee down. Twist your torso over your front leg. Rest your left hand on your right knee and open your right shoulder. Stay here for 5 long, deep breaths. Repeat other side.

3. Single leg forward bend:
Press your fingertips down on either side of your front foot. Lift your hips straight up and fold your torso over your front leg. Soften the left side of your back around your front leg. Switch sides.

4. Down dog:
Press your palms down into the ground and step your front foot back into down dog. Lift your hips up and back and relax your shoulders.

5. Standing forward bend shoulder opener:
Walk your feet up to your hands. Interlace your hands behind your back and relax your shoulders over your head.

6. Legs up the wall:
Scoot your hips up against a wall. Bring your legs up the wall. Relax here for 3-5 minutes.

For more yoga poses, check out Tara’s new DVD “Jane Fonda’s Workout: Daily Yoga with Tara Stiles” at

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