Healthy Hollywood: Gillian Jacobs’ Busy – And Fit – Summer

Gillian Jacobs, one of the stars of "Community," has had a crazy summer balancing two different TV shows.

The busy actress finds time to eat whenever she can. "I feel like so often I'm just like running around and eating in the car which is like not good, or eating as I'm walking down the street," she said.

That's why she was first drawn to Laughing Cow's "Reinvent Snacking" campaign. "I really like the concept of like slowing down and savoring your food, enjoying it."

But Gillian, a paid spokesperson for the brand, also loves the cheese as a perfect complement on her ideal sandwich. "Apple, honey, and cheese to me is sensational. I once in college they had one good day in our cafeteria where they served on a baguette cheese, granny smith apple, chicken – and I was like what is this delicious treat."

She also likes to start her day off on a healthy foot, "I’ve been getting into drinking smoothies in the morning – I like those a lot," she said, "I like some oatmeal, I think that’s terrific with some fruit in it"

Now that she lives in Los Angeles, Gillian's been exploring the city by dining out. "I’ve gotten super into restaurants in LA, so I try to go to different restaurants all the time… that's a good way to explore LA you can drive to a restaurant and discover a new neighborhood," she said.

Her preferred form of fitness also has a bit of a West Coast vibe, "I live in LA now so it's so much easier to go on a hike with friends, go for a walk, stuff like that," she said. "All of my friends in New York make fun of me, they’re like it’s not hiking it’s walking."

She's best known as Brita on the cult favorite "Community" which is finding a second life on Yahoo Screen. Gillian found out about getting picked up in a very 21st century style, "I started getting a bunch of texts from people and I was like I think something just happened so I read Twitter and I was like, 'My show’s back!'"

The cast recently hit up Comic Con in San Diego and were greeted by enthusiastic fans of the show. "My favorite part is when we do the signing booth for like an hour and you're just meeting people and it's so cool. Some of them have their own Community costumes that they've made or t-shirts from the show … it’s just really nice to meet people who keep your show alive."

Gillian’s been getting back to her East Coast roots recently by taking on a role in HBO's "Girls." "I play and artist named Mimi Rose – they have the best names on 'Girls' – and she’s like a successful artist who I think kind of intimidates Hannah."

While filming for the show, Gillian even had a chance to hit up some old haunts, "We were shooting blocks from where I used to live. It was just so funny to be like – see that one over there? I used to live there."

Somehow Gillian has managed to juggle multiple shows, multiple coasts, AND a healthy lifestyle.

-- Courtney Cox & Terri MacLeod

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