Healthy Hollywood: Jessica Alba’s Sensational Abs Secret

Oh my, Jessica Alba is a dame to kill in the upcoming action flick, “Sin City 2.” In the movie’s promo pics, the actress flaunts a body that will motivate any gal to hit the gym and guys to simply lust.

It’s been almost 10 years since Jessica first took on the role of the tough-as-nails table-dancing bartender and her abs are just as fabulous as they were in the original. And, we’re talking about a woman who has had two babies since then.

“Being consistent is Jessica’s secret. Jessica has been working out since she was 17 and started with me on ‘Dark Angel.’ I was her trainer for 12 years, including during the time she filmed ‘Sin City’ and she hardly took more than a month off and that was during her pregnancy. Being consistent is key,” reveals her trainer Ramona Braganza, who is also Gold’s Gym’s celebrity trainer.

Ramona, who also trains hot-bodied celebs like Ryan Reynolds and Halle Berry, shared with Healthy Hollywood a few of her secrets to scoring beach-ready abs.

“To get this area looking its best it’s necessary to have a routine that includes training all the muscles of the abs and the core not just those of the 6-pack (the rectus abdominals). Be sure to include full body moves to raise heart rate and train the larger muscles that will help burn fat all over; after all you can’t see the muscles if there’s a layer of fat covering it,” advises Ramona.

Ramona shared her four favorite ab exercises. “To get fab-tastic abs like my stars, do these four ab exercises one after another. Aim to train abs in this routine at least 3 times a week and along with a lean clean diet you should see results in as soon as 3 to 4 weeks.”

1. Full body move - the Sprawl- - trains overall abs, core, larger muscles of legs, back and chest to burn calories all over- perform 10 reps

To get a Hot Hollywood Body like my clients you need to do a full body move that not only tones your chest arms abs legs and butt but also burns fat by raising your heart rate. This Sprawl is the best for doing that, a step harder than the burpee this functional move takes you all the way to lying on the ground and then getting you to stand back up again.

How to do it:
Begin standing squat down and place your hands on the ground beside your feet. Jump or hop your feet back into a plank. Lower your body to the ground. Push back up to plank position. Hop feet back into a squat. Stand to finish. Attempt to do this exercise 10 times in a row.

2. Single leg V-sit (use a 4 pound medicine ball)- trains rectus abdominis- perform 10 reps per side

Begin lying on your back arms and legs stretched out holding a medicine ball above your head. Bend your right knee. Inhale and then on an exhale simultaneously raise your arms - medicine ball and torso as you raise your left leg. Touch the medicine ball to your ankle, then lower all the way to start. Repeat 10 times raising your left leg and then switch to your right leg.

3. Oblique twist ( using a 4 pound medicine ball) - trains obliques- perform a total of 20 reps.

Begin sitting tall, knees bent holding a medicine ball. Lean back slightly maintaining a straight back, rotate to the right and touch the medicine ball to the ground, return back to center keeping the medicine ball lifted then rotate to your left touching the medicine ball to the ground. Repeat for 20 reps total.

4. Plank, hold for 30 seconds to 1 minute. , trains muscles of Core including those of transverse abdominis and lower back.

Begin lying on your stomach but propped up on your forearms palms down. On an inhale dig toes into floor and raise up into Plank position forming a straight line from you shoulders to your heels keeping head looking down. To maintain this rigid position press palms of hands together and squeeze legs together. Keep belly button pulled into spine and breath don’t allow back to sway. Hold this position for 30 seconds working your way up to a minute.

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