Healthy Hollywood: Jewel’s Mission To Just Breathe!

Jewel is getting the word out on women and their risk for lung cancer.

The Grammy-nominated artist has joined forces with the American Lung Association and CVS Caremark and their new movement, LUNG FORCE. As part of her initiative, she released a new song, “Sing On” and the proceeds will help in the fight against lung cancer in women.

“As a singer I make my living with my lungs. I was really shocked to find out lung cancer was the number one cancer killer of women in America, but only 1 percent of women cited it as a cancer on their radar,” Jewel reveals to Healthy Hollywood.

Lending her name to charities is a big part of who Jewel is.

“In my life I benefited firsthand from the kindness of strangers. I moved out of my home by 15 and was homeless at 18. I was very aware that no everybody is kind but the few people take the time can really change your life,” she adds.

The married singer has devoted the last few years to raising her 3-year-old son. She tells me he’s inspired her to get back into the studio and put together an album that is very personal.

“He really reminded me to try and live with courage in my life and try to be the type of person I want my son to be,” notes Jewel.

At 40, Jewel is also thankful healthy nutrition has always been a big part of life, adding, “I grew up from a pretty young age studying nutrition. Since I was 16, I started having kidney problems and turned to alternative medicines pretty quickly and the fact that the food heals in what we eat and has an effect on our health. I was so happy I knew as much as I did when I was pregnant I felt like I could build a good baby.”

She owes tells me eating healthy fats is key, noting, “It keeps you young looking.”

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