Healthy Hollywood: Joel McHale’s Energy Boosting Secret!

Comedian Joel McHale juggles a lot of different hats. He hosts "The Soup" on E! Network, stars on the TV hit "Community," acts in movies and is also the father of 2 young boys. "I have multiple jobs and multiple families and multiple wives and they’re all spread throughout US and Canada, so I need energy to see those people. I need the mental sharpness and the physical energy to be able to support all those people," jokes Joel to Healthy Hollywood.

There's only one wife in Joel's life, his longtime love, Sarah Williams. But, between his time working and spending quality time with family, Joel admits staying energized is a challenge. So, it's no surprise, he teamed up as a paid partner with Bayer HealthCare to launch the energy support product, Berocca. "It's just full of vitamins and caffeine and that’s something I need every day," notes Joel.

Trying to get a straight answer from this popular comedian is almost impossible. Healthy Hollywood spent some time interviewing him, but I didn’t get many coherent answers. Joel loves to be sarcastic and lace his answers with his witty sense of humor.

But, when it comes to chatting about his family, he’s downright serious. He says his family helps keep him balanced and on a healthy track. "I've learned how to say 'no' to stuff.

That’s the key. If you're really busy and you're very fortunate that are going well, then it's a very strange problem that I thought I would never have but I have to turn things down. I think it pretty much come down to loving your family. If you love your family, you will want to spend more time with them. All of a sudden it becomes this things feeds itself because your family will love you and you love them and you've got this amazing family. So, I spend as much time as I can with my family."

No surprise, rough-housing is one of his favorite things to do with his kids. "We wrestle a ton. I wrestle my kids constantly and they love it. I think it's a very good thing to be physical with your kids and to wrestle and horse play is a huge part of our family. I'm not kidding," notes Joel. 

-- Terri MacLeod 

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