Healthy Hollywood: Lauren Bowles’ ‘True’ Wellness Kick

“True Blood” star Lauren Bowles is a genuine wellness junkie. In fact, she calls herself a nutritionista.

“I used to say nutrition nerd but then I felt I was devaluing it,” she reveals to Healthy Hollywood.

I have to say I loved chatting health & wellness with Lauren. I’m even going to adopt her moniker, “nutritionista” and use it for myself. Love it!

I get excited when a celebrity I interview turns out to be truly into taking care of themselves and, of course, passing on all their healthy living gems to the rest of us folks.

“You kind of become your own science experiment. I have tried everything from veganism to vegetarianism to being gluten-free. I have come to balance point in my life and I know what works for me,” adds Lauren.

I get you, girl, you’re talking to someone who has experimented with every food plan, is a constant seeker of wellness information and will give just about anything a go.

The 41-year-old actress tells me she really took her healthy eating up a notch when she found out she was pregnant

“I thought, ‘I guess I should clean up my act.’ I was a complete pregnant nerd and I loved every aspect of it. I was very diligent about what I eat and post-pregnancy once you discover how to eat healthy, you can’t un-know it,” adds Lauren.

Lauren’s daughter, Fia, is now 5. And, she and her husband, actor Patrick Fischler, are both self-proclaimed foodies who are devoted to passing on their habits to their daughter.

“She’s been brought up this way, so it’s all she’s known. She tried an Oreo cookie once at a party and grimaced and handed it back to me because she’s grown up on real food. So, when your palette is set that way anything processed tastes so odd,” says Lauren.

Lauren, who stays busy with her role as witchy waitress Holly Cleary on the hit HBO series, which is about to kick off its final season, reveals her trick to making sure the whole family eats healthy is preparation. “When something becomes your way of life, you don’t think of it as hard, you just make it happen. You can do small things such as on Sundays, or your day off, make a vat of quinoa or steam some vegetables then you can mix and match stuff with just a little forethought. It becomes a fun hobby you can get the whole family involved in and it makes your life so much easier.”

And, my new wellness buddy actually got me excited to try an LA-based wellness treatment. I am headed to LA this weekend to attend the Daytime Emmys and celebrate with my co-workers our nomination (and hopeful win).

Yet, before I attend Sunday’s event, Lauren convinced me to try her latest obsession, an urban sweat house, called Shape House. “You got to try it, is so relaxing,” she exclaimed and added, “Any sweat you can get is amazing. It gets all the toxins out of your body. You leave with that glow and feeling so amazing.”

Thanks, Lauren, I booked my appointment for Saturday afternoon and will write about my experience next week.

-- Terri MacLeod

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