Healthy Hollywood: Naomi Campbell’s Passion For Wellness!

At 43, supermodel Naomi Campbell is drop dead gorgeous and has the toned body to rival any 20-something. While, Naomi has certainly had her moments of bad behavior, those diva tantrums seem to be a thing of the past.

Healthy Hollywood recently chatted with the iconic beauty and she couldn’t have been sweeter. I caught up with her in New York City while she was here doing press for her modeling competition show “The Face.”

It turns out Naomi is a big fan of the wellness world and the two of us were like giddy high school pals talking about nutrition and our favorite gurus. Yes, just like me, she is more excited to talk the healing benefits of plant-based foods and yoga than the latest celebrity gossip or fashion trends.

“I just like to feel light. I don’t like to feel bogged down with the wrong food. I like to eat something that I can eat as much as I want and know it’s not going to make me feel like passing out. It really is ‘you are what you eat.’ It’s basically that simple,” shares Naomi.

Naomi recently flirted with eating a vegetarian diet, although she still craves the occasional order of red meat. But, she’s very conscious of the foods she puts in her body and is an avid reader of health books. In fact, she even picked my brain for a list of my favorite nutrition reads. Who would ever imagine the day that I would give suggestions to Ms. Campbell – but I did! And, she was extremely grateful.

As part of her wellness routine, Naomi is a big fan of detoxing juices and starts off every morning drinking hot water and lemon before she goes to yoga class. “I can’t do a headstand if I’ve had food in my stomach or I feel awful. It’s just you want to feel your best, you want to get the best energy out of your day,” adds the British-born beauty.
Naomi says there’s no magic or secret to her ageless looks. But, she does admits good genes play a role and of course, healthy living. She realizes aging is inevitable, but she’s committed to getting older with grace and health. “”I think a lot of it is just wanting to prevent, preserve and maintain,” she adds.

As executive producer and mentor to aspiring models on her show “The Face,” Naomi tries to teach the gals a thing or two about eating well. Off-camera, if she spots someone eating junk, she’ll immediately tell them not to eat it. “”I try not to step into the food arena on the show, but I feel that if you have a girl that’s mature enough to understand that it’s not going to benefit her then you can talk about.”

Season two of “The Face” premieres on Oxygen March 5 at 10 PM.

-- Terri MacLeod

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