Healthy Hollywood: Nick Cannon’s Recipe For A Festive Fourth Of July!

Nick and wife, Mariah Carey, have lots to celebrate this July 4th – it’s their first as parents, to 3-month- old twins, Moroccan Scott and Monroe.

As part of their celebration, Nick will head to Coney Island, New York and be on hand for Nathan’s July 4th Hot Dog Eating Contest. This year, the contest sponsored by Pepto-Bismol, will also have women compete in the first-ever women’s hot dog eating challenge. My stomach aches just thinking about consuming all those dogs!

Nick took time out of his busy schedule to chat with Healthy Hollywood about his title as a self-proclaimed grill master and of course, his adorable twins with wife Mariah Carey.

1. What makes you a grill master? Who taught you how to grill?
Since I was little I have always somewhat been the “man of the house” so my mom always let me take the reigns when a grilling occasion came up. She never really taught, but gave me a few tips here and there.

2. At home are you in charge of the grill? What are your specialties? What are a few tips for good grilling?
Always! I try to make my own BBQ sauce if I can. I start off with a generic BBQ as a base and mix in some mustard, hot sauce, and honey. When grilling I would tell all “grill masters” to prepare all your tools beforehand and have them prepped and ready.

3. This year, women are entering the eating contest --can a woman who is able to eat a lot of dogs, still be sexy? Explain.
ABSOLUTELY!! I don’t think an explanation is necessary.

4. How does Pepto-Bismol play into the event?
Before partnering with Pepto I was always a fan. It’s a staple at my house. No matter what the occasion or celebration, it always has you covered and trust me these competitors will need it on the 4th.

5. How many hot dogs can you eat in one sitting?
Four is my limit.

6. How will you and Mariah spend the holiday?
Well you already know that I will be in Coney Island during the day, but I think we’ll definitely squeeze in some fireworks viewing on a rooftop somewhere later on.

7. Any updates on the twins? What is the best part of becoming a parent? Best lesson learned so far?
Biggest update is that they are giggling and smiling. It’s crazy that they know who I am now. Being able to express and receive unconditional love is by far the best. Don’t ever change a boy’s diaper without shielding your eyes.

8. Can you share your “Cannon Dog” recipe with Healthy Hollywood?

Nick Cannon’s “Cannon Dog”:
Independence-Inspiring Ingredients:
8 Nathan’s Hot Dogs
8 Hot Dog Buns
1 Tablespoon Butter
1 Tablespoon Hot Sauce
Chili, 15 oz can (RED)
Mozzarella Cheese, 8 oz shredded (WHITE)
Blue Corn Chips 17 oz bag (BLUE)


1. Heat butter and hot sauce over medium-high skillet (or if using grill, no butter necessary - you can add hot sauce to chili later).
I’m really into spicy cuisines these days - we did name our son Moroccan after all!
2. Using a knife, score the dogs (Nathan’s are the best) so they don’t plump up and explode in your face!
3. Using a rubber spatula (though I sometimes grab whatever’s handy), move the hot dogs around in skillet until evenly browned and then remove from heat.
4. Place them nicely into the buns.
5. Spoon enough chili on top of the dogs to cover - I like a lot. The messier, the better. *If you’re feeling super-ambitious, you can find a recipe for homemade chili but with the twins at home, the canned chili is a great time-saving shortcut.
6. Sprinkle a hearty amount of cheese on top of the chili (you can place under the broiler if cooking indoors to help melt).
7. Grab a handful of blue chips, crumble up nice and small and sprinkle over the top.
8. Open your mouth, take a step back so you don’t make a mess of yourself, and take a manly bite!
9. If you eat one too many of these bad boys, be sure to have the Pepto on hand. It’s got you covered for all your summer celebrations

Thanks, Nick for sharing your time with Healthy Hollywood. Happy 4th to you and Mariah and the rest of you, Healthy Hollywood readers!

Here’s to a happy & healthy 4th!

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