Healthy Hollywood: Rascal Flatts' On The Road Survival Tips! 

Healthy Hollywood is in love with Rascal Flatts! Over the years, I’ve interviewed hundreds of celebrities, some nicer than others, but this country trio ranks as one of the most welcoming, endearing and overall sincerest stars on the planet. I brought along my good friend’s daughter, Rachel Schmuckler, who is a huge fan, and the guys greeted her with hugs and kisses and down-home kindness. Thanks, Rascal Flatts for being so grounded and full of gratitude for your success and fan base. 

I met up with these country superstars in New York City. The trio made a pit stop from their cross-country Rewind Tour to promote their paid partnership with the heartburn remedy Nexium24HR. Yes, even these ultra-cool guys suffer with this common problem, noting, “Our schedule is very unpredictable, we have to eat late at night and probably sometimes not the healthiest foods in the world. So, with this we don’t have to worry about the repercussions.”

Gary, Don and Jay all admit they are ‘road dogs’ and love to tour and perform for their fans. They’re currently in the midst of a 65-plus city tour, but trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle is challenging. "When the bus stops when can usually take a good nap in the afternoon. When we’re on the road, we don’t even go to on stage until 9pm. And, when you’re traveling, you’re in different time zones and you’re just trying to find some kind of normal. The fans get us through the shows. They make it wonderful for us to be able to get our energy up to the show,” states Rascal Flatts.

The country superstars say they try to eat healthy and be mindful of portion control. “We’ve got some catering on the road. We’ve got a personal chef that will make us whatever we need to fit our needs but it’s really tough on the road. I do most of my workout regimen when I’m home because it’s tough to have some consistency when you’re on the road. But you’ve got to get out – and we will try and play some golf. But, as Gary said, running around on stage for 2 hours in the heat will help your burn some calories,” reveals Jay.

And, just like most of us, nothing re-charges the mind & body better than some time off with loved ones. “Our families keep us motivated and keep us going. We get to go home and break it up. Usually Monday – Wednesday, we try and get home to our family. And, periodically, throughout the year we take a week or two off, cool the jets, recharge the batteries – but our families and our love for our families and the love they give us and their support is what gets us through,” notes this famous trio, who all are loving and committed dads. 

-- Terri MacLeod 

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