Healthy Hollywood: Rising Star Bridget Kelly’s Healthy Habits

R&B singer Bridget Kelly is well on her way to chart-busting success. You might not know her name, but you will!

She’s been hand-picked by Jay Z to be one his musical darlings on his label Roc Nation.

“I think the stars are just aligned. Hard work pays off but more importantly when you are focused on trying to accomplish something that’s when things to start to go your way,” Bridget reveals to Healthy Hollywood.

Healthy Hollywood chatted with the talented New Yorker after her recent showcase at the Our Stage, Your Story event hosted by Hilton Hotel & Resorts.

The singer-songwriter has already released two albums, but reveals to me she recently suffered a loss of career mojo.

“I’m coming off this stage in my life that was really low and now I’m on the up and up,” she adds.

Bridget is hard at work writing and putting together songs for a new album – and she credits her renewed energy to running. The 28-year-old recently finished her first half marathon and says training for it totally re-charged her.

“I told myself at the beginning I wanted to find something I could commit to and give me a new sense of confidence and discipline. So, training for that marathon refueled the fires of wanting to dig deeper and get back into the studio. Training for the marathon was giving me a weekly goal to set for myself. I couldn’t shy away from the running, so I felt I needed to apply that same kind of discipline to my writing and creativity. I’ve gotten tremendous results,” notes Bridget.

She says some of the pressures in the music business got the best of her, adding, “When you’re an artist you get pushed and pulled in a lot of different directions. It has to do with furthering your career, but there’s a lot of hand shaking and babies to kiss all the time. To be able to run just by myself with music or without was soothing and powerful.”

Bridget tells me she completed her first half marathon nearly three weeks ago, adding, “I crossed the finish line and burst into tears and felt amazing. Then, I collapsed and put ice on my knee.”

The aspiring artist hasn’t done too much running since then, but does start off each day with yoga.

“A simply vinyasa flow in the morning is helpful and it keeps me centered for the day. Sometimes I got thrown a curve ball during the day and I have to go here and there and things change. But, yoga helps keep my blood pressure from going through the roof and keeps me from being stressed. Just by starting my day off with a simple flow changes the game,” Bridget says.

-- Terri MacLeod

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