Healthy Hollywood: Try It On Tuesday – Beyonce’s Vegan Diet!

Beyonce has one of the world’s most rocking bodies.

The pop sensation admits she gained close to 60 pounds during her pregnancy. Now, her baby girl is 14 months old and Beyonce’s back to her fabulous pre-baby shape. Besides exercise, the singer reportedly credits a partial vegan diet for maintaining her weight loss. She reportedly eats one vegan meal a day and snacks on vegan goodies like “edamame” beans and green apples.

Healthy Hollywood can attest that a partial vegan diet is good for maintaining weight and overall health. I, Terri MacLeod, tried to follow a plant-based diet for 21 days. Truth be told, by day 10 or so, I added fish back into my diet; but I haven’t had any meat or dairy for nearly a month. I don’t miss it and I do feel better energy-wise and my skin is glowing (or, so I’ve been told).

Healthy Hollywood relied on the expertise of vegan expert, Brendan Brazier; who wrote the best-selling “Thrive” book series and created the plant-based “Vega” nutritional products. He advised me on how to put together a nutritious vegan meal plan. Even though I plan to eat fish going forward, Brendan says nixing the meat and dairy is a healthy change, adding, “It doesn’t have to be an all or nothing approach. There are tremendous benefits to simply making progress, as opposed to 100%. The elimination of meat and dairy will be significant and you will benefit.”

Brendan also says following a partial vegan diet, like Beyonce, or even a couple days a week, has numerous payoffs. “If food is whole and a clean vegan meal, you will have more energy, less dependence on caffeine, fewer sugar cravings, less hunger in the evenings and better sleep quality.”

A smoothie for breakfast is a simple way to add a vegan meal to your day. “It gets your body fueled right from the start and takes only a small amount of digestive energy. Plus, it gets your metabolism kicking, helps burn fat, reduces food cravings and helps your pallet shift to desiring less processed foods,” adds Brendan.

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-- Terri MacLeod

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