Healthy Hollywood: Try It On Tuesday – Mark Wahlberg’s Wellness Mission!

Mark Wahlberg is famous for his buffed physique. Women everywhere have been drooling over his perfect pecs since he bared his well-toned chest in those super sexy Calvin Klein underwear ads.

That was more than a decade ago. Now 42, he looks better than ever.

Healthy Hollywood caught up with the star at the New York City premiere of his new action film, “2 Guns,” where he revealed that he’s got his eye on the wellness world. “I want to be in the business of getting people in shape and living a healthy lifestyle all across the world.”

Over the years, Mark has met with the best in nutrition and fitness to advise him on how to stay fit. For “2 Guns,” he reveals he had to actually drop weight since he was coming off playing a bodybuilder in “Pain & Gain.”

“I went from 212 back down to 180 pounds in 30 days. Just playing basketball and changing my diet. I mean I do it as healthy as possible. But, I don’t mind doing it. I have an amazing job, so you show up prepared and the way you’re supposed to look.”

Thanks to all of his wellness know-how, the star has started a line of sports and active nutrition products, called Marked. “I wanted to access the best scientists. I wanted to make sure it’s free of banned substances, so athletes in high school, college and professional could all use it. And, also my wife uses the product. She loves the protein powders and the vitamin packs and all of the different pre-workout igniters that we have.”

Mark and his wife, model Rhea Durham, have also passed on their love of a healthy lifestyle to their four kids. “They come down to the gym with me. The boys come down to the gym. They want to exercise. They’re getting into being active. They like the technology and the gadgets, but not to the point where they’re not getting out and getting enough exercise.”

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