Healthy Hollywood: Try It On Tuesday – MELT Away Stress & Cellulite!

How would you like to reduce stress, sleep better, have better digestion, less aches and pains and eliminate cellulite?
Healthy Hollywood’s interest piqued after learning some of the benefits of the MELT Method, which is a self-treatment method that simulates the hands on technique therapist Sue Hitzmann uses with her clients.

MELT is a series of simple, precise movements that use a soft foam roller and small balls.

“MELT is a simple self-treatment technique. It helps to restore the natural balance of the body, eliminate chronic pain and get rid of stuck stress in the body,” reveals Sue, who created the program and shares the technique in her new book “The MELT Method.”

Everybody has stagnant stress from sitting at a desk all day, running a marathon – and add to that all the emotional and mental stressors.

The idea is to target areas of the body with specific movements to release the stuck stress and increase energy and improve feelings in both mind & body.

“Once you tap into connective tissue in one area of body, once you rinse the tissue it drives the fluid through entire body. It doesn’t matter whether you have neck, shoulder or back pain, it’s a way to restore the whole system so you have natural balance in a more efficient way,” adds Sue.

Plus, no matter you age or physical shape, anybody can melt. You just need to learn the sequences and it only takes 10 minutes a day to get results. Healthy Hollywood tried and is totally down with the MELT Method.

Plus, if you’re like Healthy Hollywood, I am always on the hunt for a treatment to reduce wrinkles and cellulite. Sue reveals the MELT Method can help in those areas, adding, “When we sit all day we dehydrate connective tissues. Connective tissue is like a sponge so when you compress it all the time and don’t let it go, it starts to break down. The connective tissue is where all the collagen is in your body, so we have all have excess fat is actually damaged collagen. The fat gets trapped and there’s no movement and you start seeing bumps on back of your legs.”
Big sigh!

To find out if there’s a MELT instructor in your area or to purchase Sue’s book and a soft foam roller to learn how to do it a home, check out

-- Terri MacLeod

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