Healthy Hollywood: Try It On Tuesday – Michelle Beadle’s Running Spirit!

Healthy Hollywood has found a running buddy.

Access Hollywood’s newest talent, Michelle Beadle, loves to run. She’s one of those gals who can hit the pavement and simply enjoy the rush of a heart-pumping jog.

“Running for me has always been a great way to sweat and take a break from everything. Whether it’s outside or on a treadmill with junky TV on, it distracts me and leaves me feeling wonderful afterwards,” reveals Michelle.

Beadle’s got what I want and hope to get from running. It’s that feel good runner’s high that just leaves you believing everything is going to be alright!

“It always feels like the mental payoff is greater than the physical. My mood benefits greatly from a good run!” she adds.

Michelle has been running off and on since she was a teenager. Now, that’s she made her home her in New York City working for Access Holllywood (yay!), Michelle likes to hit the outdoors and take advantage of the city’s scenic views. Her goal is one day to run a marathon.

But for the moment, Michelle has her eye on a 10K. She’s joining me in the upcoming Run10Feed 10 charity run, which is sponsored by Women’s Health magazine.

“I decided to run the 10k because you asked (sorta)! But really, it’s for Women’s Health, to help combat domestic hunger. It gets us outside in New York along the West Side to help out some people who need it. I’m also looking at it as step toward a half marathon, and ultimately a full one,” Michelle says.

To get ready for the upcoming 10k, Michelle is revving up her running routine.

“I’ve been running pretty regularly on the treadmill for a while. I made a point to do it every day while covering the Olympics to keep my sanity (and balance my sandwich intake). Now, I’m just adding time and more and more outdoor runs. I am running from 30, to 40 minutes to an hour. I did 5 miles the first day to see where I stood, and I’m feeling good about this. Hope I didn’t jinx,” she reveals.

Ah, no Michelle, Healthy Hollywood thinks you will be just fine! But, I have feeling you and I will start out together, but this running-phobe (me) will cross the finish line long after you’re done.

-- Terri MacLeod

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