Healthy Hollywood: Try It On Tuesday – Star Secrets To Breakout-Free Skin!

Yep, it’s true, even celebrities can be breakout stars. Britney Spears, Rihanna and baby-faced actor Zac Efron have all been spotted with bad skin days.

And, the hot days of summer can be your complexion’s worst enemy.

“Hot weather, salt water, humidity and chlorine take their toll on our skin during the summer months and because of this can disrupt the balance in the skin and may often result in breakouts on the face and body,” reveals celebrity esthetician, Renee Rouleau, who takes care of famous faces like Demi Lovato, Jessica Simpson and Access Hollywood Live favorite Lisa Rinna.

But, you don’t need a star salary to get rid of most breakouts. Renee, who also has the most amazing signature skincare line (Healthy Hollywood is a huge fan), shares a few basic tips.

“For those who suffer from back breakouts, avoid hair conditioner containing panthenol. Panthenol is well-known for its benefit for strengthening hair, but it’s also a potential pore clogger. It can cause breakouts on the back if hair conditioner is not rinsed out thoroughly. Exfoliate your back with a mild cleansing gel and exfoliating cloth three times a week and apply an anti-bacterial lotion to ensure a clear back all summer.”

Also, Renee suggests, “Blot, blot, blot: Although there is no miracle product to control the extra oil that you get during the summer months, there are ways to keep that shine under control. Oil blotting papers are great to use during the day to actually remove the oils off the skin to give you the feel of freshly washed skin. In a pinch? The Type of paper used for toilet seat covers in public restrooms is similar to expensive oil blotting papers.”

Who knew? Now, that’s what Healthy Hollywood calls a budget-friendly tip!

Renee shares with Healthy Hollywood a few more acne-fighting tips:

Skin Tip #1: Don’t over-dry your skin with harsh cleansers and alcohol-based toners. Most cleansers and toners, formulated for problem skin, are designed to dry out breakouts and so they contain strong detergents and alcohols. Drying out infected breakouts where active blemishes are present may be helpful for destroying acne-causing bacteria, but the harsh ingredients will dehydrate non-broken out areas resulting in dry skin cell buildup. This layer of dehydrated skin cells will trap oil and acne-causing bacteria under the skin, which will ultimately cause an increase in breakouts.

Skin Tip #2: Use oil-free moisturizers in the morning and at night. When breakouts occur we tend to avoid any and all moisturizing agents because moisturizers have a reputation of clogging pores. But did you know that NOT using a moisturizer can cause even more break outs? Bacteria breeds in oil so when moisturizer is avoided, the skin dehydrates and sets off a response to produce more oil. This newly produced oil accumulates on the skin, resulting in a breeding ground for bacteria, which makes existing breakouts last longer and leaves a hospitable environment for potential breakouts to form. The skin needs water not oil. Use an oil-free, water-soluble lotion to help keep your skin hydrated and balanced – with less blemishes.

Skin Tip #3: Use products containing Salicylic Acid. This ingredient is known for its ability to smooth the skin without causing irritation while it reduces acne-causing bacteria and oil. Salicylic acid helps to prevent blemishes and penetrates the pores to help clear out impurities. These properties not only help prevent acne, but salicylic acid is an excellent ingredient that also prevents blackheads after a deep pore cleansing facial. It’s a fabulous ingredient with proven results. During the summer months I recommend a cleanser that contains Salicylic Acid. Try, Renee Rouleau’s AHA/BHA Cleansing Gel. Treat skin during the day while preventing dirt and debris from getting into existing blemishes with a spot treatment like Daytime Blemish Gel.

Skin Tip #4: Avoid picking at the skin. While this tip may seem obvious, it is imperative that we understand that although breakouts cannot always be avoided, you CAN control what happens once you get the breakout. The truth of the matter is, a blemish usually lasts 5-7 days, but the red or dark scar from picking at the blemish, can linger for weeks—or even months.

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