Healthy Hollywood: Try It On Tuesday – Stem-Cell Skincare!

In the quest to be forever young, like Hollywood’s ageless beauty Halle Berry, skincare gurus have come up with the most cutting-edge anti-aging ingredient – stem-cells! These renewable cells have been hailed as the medical world’s next great hope with the potential to cure everything from Parkinson’s to liver disease to a host of other degenerative conditions.

Now, the beauty biz is jumping into stem-cell’s potential to be an effective skincare ingredient. “In our bodies stem cells work to repair damaged or diseased skin. That’s their role – to rejuvenate damaged tissue in our skin, the extracts from human stem cells work to identify skin that has been damaged by age and sun damage, and then repair and rejuvenate wrinkles, skin laxity and the overall complexion,” explains New York City dermatologist Dr. Elizabeth K. Hale, who endorses Lifeline a stem-cell skincare line.

While plant stem-cells have been used in skincare products for the past few years, Lifeline is the first company to use non-embryonic human stem cells. Their product taps into the potency of stem cells to renew skin. While the ethics of stem-cell use continues to be a hot button issue, there is a difference, explains Dr. Hale, adding, “Lifeline uses only non-embryonic stem cell extracts, meaning the eggs have never been exposed to or fertilized by sperm. The non-embryonic stem cells therefore have the quality of embryonic stem cells, without the ethical controversy.”

So, how do stem cells work to improve our complexion? Dr. Hale responds, “The formulation is based on the proteins and growth factors that enrich our skin and coax it to have the same vitality that it had when we were younger. Lifeline is created by a leading stem cell research facility where they extract epidermal and fibroblast growth factors from a stem cell. The extracts are encapsulated and delivered into skin creams, where they work to stimulate collagen and elastin production, thereby minimizing wrinkles and making the skin look younger.”

The beauty world is buzzing that stem cells are the hottest ingredient since Retin-A. “I believe that someday every skincare company will have at least one skincare product based on human stem cells. But right now the whole concept is brand new,” add Dr. Hale.

For more on Lifeline and stem-cell skin care, check out Lifeline Skin Care.

-- Terri MacLeod

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