Healthy Hollywood: Try It On Tuesday – Tina Fey Gets Her Juice On!

Celebs love to juice!

Alicia Silverstone, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Lea Michele are all gleeful over their healthy concoctions.

Golden Globe host Tina Fey also did some healthy sipping the week before Sunday’s award show. She was spotted at Equinox Fitness in Manhattan enjoying the hottest new juice line on the market – Creative Juice Flows.

The fitness giant teamed up with wellness doctor Dr. Jeffrey Morrison, along with culinary rock star chef Michael Romano to launch a line of organic cold-pressed juices.

“Creative juice is a new concept in juicing. It blends flavor and function. Chef Romano created the flavor profile, while I helped determine the functional purpose for digestion, immunity or detoxification,” Dr. Morrison revealed to Healthy Hollywood.

Chef Romano said he developed the juices the same way he would develop a dish. These juices feature a lot of ingredients not often seen in other juices, such as sea beans and kaffir lime leaf.

Healthy Hollywood got invited to Creative Juice Flow’s launch event this morning and I got to sample all seven of their autumn/winter juice line. Some shot samples were their carrot, papaya and orange blend called “Clockwork Orange” for digestion, there was a dark green combo called “Green Means Go” for energy, and a red beet combo “Zest for Life” for immunity. Each season will bring on a new menu of different juices.

Healthy Hollywood must admit I enjoyed every sip. The juices are light, flavorful, some have a spicy zing (which I love) and none of them taste like you need to plug your nose to get it down! Just can’t give wheat grass the love it deserves!

Dr. Morrison also revealed to Healthy Hollywood there will be a Creative Juice Flow cleanse, which is a 3-day juice program. On the menu are five different juices, plus a protein meal. “We call it the 5 plus 1, which is basically 5 different juices combined for a specific purpose, which can be either detox, immunity, or digestion and the plus one protein meal,” Dr. Morrison explained.

Dr. Morrison believes it’s important to have a protein portion on cleanse, otherwise existing only on juice can spike blood sugar level and leave many people feeling low energy and foggy.

“The reality is just eliminating all those processed foods makes people feel better anyway. Juices are packed with antioxidants and vitamins and minerals,” he added.

Finally, juicing is an awesome flu-fighting remedy. Our country is experiencing a major outbreak and folks can boost their immunity with healthy foods and juice.

“People can enhance their immunity by avoiding processed foods and eating less sugar and drinking less dairy, which increases mucus. Instead focus on immune boosting foods or these juices,” adds Dr. Morrison.

The right herbs are also key to fighting the flu. Tarragon, Rosemary, cloves, mint and garlic are all good cold busters to sprinkle into your food or look for as an ingredient in your juice.

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