Healthy Hollywood: Wellness Tips For The Busy Mom

Designer Shoshanna Lonstein Gruss is known for her eponymous line of women’s clothes and swimsuits. She founded her company over 15 years ago and her designs flattered women of all shapes and walks of life.

Now 39, the fashion powerhouse is a married mother of three. And, if that’s not enough on her plate, she recently added another gig to her already jam-packed schedule -- she was recently named the style director of Elizabeth Arden and will help the company with trend-spotting and their social media.

Healthy Hollywood recently chatted with the busy career mom to get her secret on staying sane and balanced while trying to juggle her crazy lifestyle. After all, as a working single mom, I can barely stay on top of my schedule and often feel on the brink of craziness trying to get it all done – and still squeeze in some time for myself.

"It’s important for women to feel good and take of themselves. It is easy for busy moms to put themselves on the back burner. It is easy to do that with family, husbands and everything else to take care of," she reveals to Healthy Hollywood.

To carve out "me" time, Shoshanna says it’s all scheduling.

"Sometimes it’s planning a month in advance when I can find those few hours and take care of myself. Whether it’s to get my hair or nails done, which feels like an indulgence when you have three kids and are running a business," she explains.

Shoshanna adds, "You think should I be doing something better or more important at this time. But, I do think when I find this time for myself and I’m giving it to myself, this is going to help me feel better and make me a better mom and a happier person. Just take that time and enjoy it and don’t feel guilty."

The New York-born and bred mom has been a source of inspiration for her mom friends, adding, "I often see my friends, especially new moms who don’t want a babysitter and try to do everything themselves that they are struggling and not happy. I say you have to pull back and let someone help you out and do a little something for yourself or nobody is going to be happy in that situation."

Also, healthy eating plays a big role in keeping her energized and feeling good.

"I’m like a creature of habit. I have oatmeal with walnuts and almonds and lots berries every morning. That fills me up and then whatever comes across my way for lunch," says Shoshanna. "I always try and have a decent dinner. I eat cleanly at home and then the rare occasion when I do eat out I order whatever I want. If I’m out a restaurant I will order what I’m craving. It seems like everyone is having steamed fish and I will order a big plate of pasta. Then, everyone is eating off my plate."

-- Terri MacLeod

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